KNUST lecturers cane students, others ordered to kneel in rain - Concerned Katangees

KNUST lecturers cane students, others ordered to kneel in rain - Concerned Katangees

Former students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) have catalogued a seven-page document of abuses students suffered in the school, which triggered violent protests Monday, October 22, 2018.

The seven-page press statement by the ‘Concerned Fellows of Kantanga Hall’ said KNUST lecturers were known for caning students, among other things.

The statement submitted was linked to viral video evidence of caning of some students including females. However, some people believed the caning was light-hearted and jovial.

KNUST lecturers cane students, others ordered to kneel in rain - Concerned Katangees

Some students of KNUST during Monday's demonstration. Credit:
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The alumni who were former residents of Katanga Hall maintained that the practice of caning was well known and ‘not surprising’.

The students recalled that all males within a block at Katanga Hall were once ordered onto a pitch and directed to kneel in the rain as punishment.

It was punishment for singing ‘ jama’ songs and allowing ‘infiltration’ by continuing students who did not reside on the main campus, the statement alleged.

KNUST has become a ghost town after the Ashanti Regional Security Council imposed a curfew and shut down the school indefinitely.

While media reports have linked the disturbances to the decision of the university to convert the male halls into mixed halls, the students have said Monday's protest was about a culture of oppression.

The students said, as important stakeholders in the second largest university in Ghana, their views were not taken into consideration by the university authorities led by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Obiri Danso, who was facing calls to resign.

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The protest which has gained national attention and government intervention has seen the students venting in the media over the treatment meted out to them.

A student alleged that some duly-elected hall executives who were seen as not favourable to school authorities were removed from office and replaced by first-year students.

The concerned fellows of Kantanga Hall criticised the University for shaming and sanctioning four female students for accommodating males in their rooms at odd hours. They wondered how the university would find that offensive after converting the previously male hall into a mixed one.

The university has been on a collision course with students following attempts to halt and ban ‘jama sessions’ on campus – a more than 50-year-old practice popularly called ‘morale’.

All the above, according to some students of the school, led to the chaotic demonstration by students of the school.

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Earlier, reported that some aggrieved students of KNUST were set to demonstrate over the recent brutality meted out on students by security personnel at the University.

The student body decided to boycott classes on Monday, October 22, 2018 as a way of registering their displeasure with happenings on campus.

However, vice-chancellor of the school Professor Kwasi Obiri Danso, in a broadcast text message to all students, called on them to disregard the decision to boycott their lectures.

The students defied the caution from the VC and embarked on the demonstration which led to destruction of school properties and personal belongings of some employees of the school.

Aggrieved students reportedly set the car of the school's Dean of Students on fire as a way of registering their displeasure.

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