Quotes about moving on from someone

Quotes about moving on from someone

Every young person, whether male or female, desires to be in a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. Relationships start with excitement, merry, joy and the happiness of loving someone and being loved back. Unfortunately, at times, people hurt each other to the extent that one feels he or she can't take it anymore. This article has motivational quotes about moving on from someone that will help you cope with life after that.

moving on quotes relationships
move on quotes for him
move on quotes for her
quotes about moving on from a guy

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First, you have to appreciate that staying in a relationship that is full of heartbreaks, violence, and abuse is dangerous and harmful to an individual's health both physically and mentally. An unstable connection whether it is before or after marriage has adverse effects to an individual. It is, therefore, advisable to move on from your partner if after several attempts to make things right they continue worsening. With quotes about moving on one can transit smoothly either to another relationship or singleness.

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Moving on quotes

Heartbreak can be torturous to the extent that some people end up committing suicide while others lose hope completely making them be unproductive an inefficient in other areas of life. Here are some quotes that will help you remain strong and keep moving on.

  • Life is about change even though many times we desire to see thing remain the same. Change can either bring positive results or negative ones.
  • Regardless of the cause of change, we need to remain strong, let go and keep pressing on. Whether it is a very painful heartbreak, death of one you loved most, betrayal by a close friend; holding on to resentment, past pains and guilt feeling will only hinder your progress.
  • The truth is unless you forgive yourself, let go, forget the situation and realize that its over, you can never move forward.
  • Yesterday cannot be recovered since it's not in our hands, but we have tomorrow in our hands to make life better.

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Letting go quotes

Letting go not only helps you to put yourself together again, but also, it gives you a peaceful feeling hence the ability to live a happy life again. Below are several letting go quotes to encourage you when making that painful but fulfilling decision.

  • The forgiving nature of people is not imaginable. But you've got to forgive yourself, let go all the bitterness and re-energize yourself to move on.
  • Let the past go is more of an obligation than an option.
  • Letting go may not be the hardest part for a change but learning to refresh and start over is.
  • The process of letting go brings about a significant loss of things from the past, but it's worth for finding oneself.
  • Forgetting the past and pressing on towards one's high calling is a key secrete to prosperity.
  • To have at hand the life that is waiting for us, we need to let go our unfruitful lifestyle and relationships deliberately.

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Giving up quotes

"Never give up" is a frequent motivational quote that many cling to when life seems to go contrary to our expectations. Today the quote is modified with more weight on it to encourage someone to be persistence no matter the situation. I have listed the best quotes on giving up below.

moving on quotes relationships
move on quotes for him
move on quotes for her
quotes about moving on from a guy

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  • People will always reject and discount you. But be more determined and set your vision higher, being relentless and boldly ambitious. Never give up.
  • Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! Is the shortest speech ever made but it remains the most potent and encouraging speech of all time?
  • Today might be hard, tomorrow could be worse but the day after tomorrow shall be your sunshine.
  • Being true to oneself, always being ready to learn, persistence, focus, and determination will never be a cliché to the successful and prosperous and most important to those who are on the journey to their destiny
  • Tough times cannot be evaded, but life difficulties are the best teacher who has made millions remain determined to conquer and achieve their objectives against all the odds in life

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Move on quotes for her

Hell is the best description for the situation one is in, when moving on from a bad relationship. It is a difficult task to overcome the sweet memories you shared, but instead of bearing on the harm that comes with staying in a bad relationship, it's better to move on and face the new challenges. The quotes below touches one's soul and heart empowering them to move on instead of clinging on what was never meant to be.

  • If you can't love me for who I am, I bet it would be equally challenging to love me for who I can be
  • It is almost impossible to let you go since I can't stay without you, but living with you having predetermined to live without me is like a vipers poison.
  • Never belittle the power of unreturned love. It can easily tear down your heart, damage your soul and make you dispute the power of love.
  • Clinging to one-sided love instead of letting go will slowly diminish your self-respect.

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Quote about moving on in life.

"The effectiveness of a footballer is not measured by how many goals he can score, neither is it tested on how many people he or she can challenge with the ball, but it is on how fast he can recover after an injury". This saying applies equally to life matters. The quotes below will help you go through a hard time and emerge a victor.

  • We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, to accept the life that is waiting for us.
  • Some people think holding on is the accurate measure of a healthy person, but it is letting go.
  • Tearing your hair due to grief is foolishness since sorrow can never be lightened by baldness.
  • Suffering is an option, but when it comes to pain, it is inevitable.
  • Time is a solution to every hard situation, and it heals quarrels and grief since people always change as days go by.

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Quotes about moving on and being happy

Moving on is one thing while being happy is another thing. It would be a zero work to move on but continue in sadness and regrets of the previous lifestyle. Here are quotes to help you develop joy and happiness after deciding to move on.

  • Never concentrate on what went wrong. Instead of channel your effort on what to do next. Be determined to refresh, gather courage end re-energize to move forward to unravel life puzzle.
  • Artists can paint all kinds of pictures they want and be always have a story to tell because of the continuous growth in technology.
  • Why should you stagnate and accept to be left behind while life is always in continuous motion moving forward?
  • Happiness is a state of mind; it is a creation from one's attitude and not what you have gone through however harsh, embarrassing or heartbreaking it could be.

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Quotes about moving on and letting go

When you cannot withhold it anymore, you need to make up your mind move on and let go, regardless of how precious what you were clinging to is. Here are quotes on moving on and letting go.

  • There is always some fear that comes with the thought of letting go, but you should consider the pain of remaining in a wrong relationship in comparison to making the go
  • Letting go is not a sign of weakness; instead, it portrays confidence, courage, boldness and a renewed strength to face new challenges.
  • Letting the past go does not indicate a change of personality. It merely implies your realization of the need for a better life.
  • Relationships are the last thing worth clinging to but to be precise; there isn't anything to hold on.
  • Letting go signifies forgiving the other person, but in essence, it forgives you.
  • Love that makes you worse than the person you were is a shouting suggestion of the need to let go and move on.

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moving on quotes relationships
move on quotes for him
move on quotes for her
quotes about moving on from a guy

Quotes about moving on from a broken heart

Heartbreak leaves the victim tormented with insomnia, and at times with no appetite. It can also lead to headaches and chest pressure. There is, therefore, a great need to know how to overcome, accept the situation and move on. These quotes will be of great help to a person who has experienced heartbreak.

  • Learn, cry, forgive and move on. Let your painful tears water the seeds of joy to give you a happy future.
  • Learning to start over could be harder than letting go
  • Wounds in us create and raise a desire to realize our miracles. The fulfillment of these miracles rests on whether we allow our wounds to lift us to our dreams or to pull us down.
  • The only complete and whole heart is one that is broken. It allows light to get in.
  • The only medicine to cure a broken heart is to let go.

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Moving on quotes relationships

  • Broken hearts do hurt, but they result in making you stronger
  • People change and time flies. You might realize you are no longer needed. The best step to make is to move forward and understand there are places to let go.
  • Letting go of your attachment to being on the right side suddenly makes your mind more open.
  • Holding on indicates the value of the past. Letting go shows appreciation for the future.

Move on quotes for him

  • We may ignore one another, pretend the non-existence of each other but deep down our hearts, we know that it was not supposed to end this way.
  • People who quickly walk away were never intended to stay.
  • I have always hoped to remain by your side, but the reality if the impossibility of us finishing together has dawned.
  • However much I desire to be with you, you have to realize that things can never come back the way they were.

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moving on quotes relationships
move on quotes for him
move on quotes for her
quotes about moving on from a guy

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Move on quotes for her

  • A woman's love sticks more than superglue. But this does not nullify the concept of letting go and moving on.
  • The decision to let go is a courageous move that is achieved by few. I choose to be among them.
  • I lack more tears to shed. I need time for more to form

Quotes about moving on from a guy

  • I desire to hurt you with an equal measure as you did but unfortunately even if I had the chance I wouldn't do it.
  • I think of your every morning when I wake up and every night before I sleep, not because of love, but because of the pains, you have inflicted on me.
  • I am determined to forget the pains you made me go through, but I will always remember the lesson I learned.
  • The best gift you can give to a guy who has hurt you is forgiveness. The best gift you can give to yourself is moving on from him.
  • A guy who consistently hurts you is politely telling you that you need to think otherwise. Never be blinded by love, tears, sensitivity, and sympathy.

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In conclusion, quotes about moving on in life are of great help in soothing the mind, withstanding the pressure, and giving one new hope and strength to approach life with confidence again. Keeping them in your heart will enable you to handle difficult times and situations Just like before. Always remember that the Holy Spirit is the greatest comforter that has ever existed. Prayer and his words, which are the words of God in the Bible, will help you recover from any pain faster than any other quote from a mere human being.

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