NIA registration for Ghana card 2018

NIA registration for Ghana card 2018

The long wait of the NIA registration for Ghana Card has finally begun yesterday. In this article which shall look at NIA online registration, Ghana card registration centers, and when the NIA registration is beginning. Here is what you need to know about the NIA registration for Ghana Card .

nia gh online registration

NIA GH registration 2018

The National Identification Authority (NIA Gh), has begun the mass NIA registration for Ghana card and issuing of the Ghana national identification cards also known as Ghana Card yesterday [Monday, November 5, 2018]. The Ghana card registration date is now. The exercise was expected to have started at Adentan in Accra after several complaints from the public about the NIA’s delay with the process which started in June 2018. From June 2018, selected institutions and state agencies including the Parliament of Ghana, the Presidency and the Judiciary Service were registered and issued with the card.

The Ghana new ID card has so far issued over 80,000 cards within the last four months, mostly to workers of the state institutions. The Director of Public Affairs at the NIA, Francis Palmdeti, last week had told Citi News that the mass registration was delayed due to insufficient Commissioners of Oath. He also added that “Their requirement mandates was…when you don’t have the necessary documents, then you should have a relative who has already registered to vouch for you under oath or two people who know you and can attest to the fact that you do not have the documents .” That is why we haven’t started with the mass NIA registration for Ghana card. But the equipment and the personnel are available.

When is the NIA registration starting?

We know most of us citizen are wondering when is the NIA registration starting but from what the NIA Public Affairs Director added on the Citi Breakfast Show was that once the commissioner for oath element is addressed, come this month November [2018] they will start a registration 2018 of the general public, and they will begin with Adenta, ”He added that more Commissioners of Oath are being brought on board to fast-track the process.

Ghana card registration centers

The NIA will use the various polling stations of the Electoral Commission to undertake the registration process. Below are Ghana card registration centers.

From Adenta, it will continue to other areas in Accra from which the registration team will move to the Volta, Northern, Upper East, Upper West, Brong Ahafo, Western, Ashanti, Eastern, Western and Central regions in that order. The exercise is expected to last for two months in the Ashanti Region while one month will be spent on each of the remaining eight regions.

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NIA online registration

NIA registration for Ghana card 2018
NIA online registration
ghana card registration ceners

Before one can become eligible to participate in the NIA online registration one needs the following :

  • Must be a Ghanaian either (living at home and abroad)
  • Must be a persons holding Ghanaian citizenship in addition to the citizenship of any other foreign country( dual citizen)

Note that the Registration covers all persons ranging from aged 0 years and above

Registration Requirements

Below are the information every individual requires during the Ghana national identification card registration

  • Applicants must be present themselves to provide personal information which includes :

Name, Date, and Place of birth, Residential address, and digital address code.

  • Information concerning their Parents

Their names, Address dates and places of birth etc.


During the biometrics stage an individual fingerprints, iris, and photograph would be taken and any other personal details that may be required

Parent, Spouse and next of kin

  • Name of the spouse that is the full name of the father, Father's hometown/district/region and Father's nationality.
  • Full name of the mother which includes Mother's maiden name, Mother's nationality and Mother's hometown/district/region.
  • Next of Kin, Address of next of Kin. There is also Supplementary Spousal List for those with more than one spouse.

Primary Verification Documents

Individuals would be required to present any of the verification documents(i.e. Birth certificate, certificate of acquired citizenship or valid passport) to help validate the information provided.


Applicants with documents or I.D Cards of the following institutions must bring them along for harmonization of data with the Nia registration 2018


One must take note that the NIA registration steps involves three main steps which are as follows:

NIA registration for Ghana card 2018
NIA online registration
ghana card registration ceners

Step 1. A Registration Official will fill your personal information on an application form which is the NIA registration forms.

Step 2.You will then hand over your NIA registration form to a Mobile Registration workstation Operator who will enter your personal details into the computer.

Step 3.Your Photograph will be taken using a digital camera attached to the Mobile Registration workstation and your signature will be taken using an electronic signature pad.

After these steps, you will be issued an ID Card Collection Slip/Receipt. You need this to collect your card when it is ready. This has to be kept well and protected.

NIA registration for Ghana card 2018
NIA online registration
ghana card registration ceners

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Every information concerning the NIA registration for Ghana card is provided in this article above. Don't forget to subscribe to our website and also leave a comment in the comment section.

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