Sexy love messages for him and her

Sexy love messages for him and her

Did you know that sexy love messages can help you keep your relationship exciting. Sending your partner one of the best sex quotes in your collection of romantic quotes will get him or her fired up. You should consider using these quotes to capture the attention of your lover, especially when you are away from him or her. You can achieve this by simply choosing any of these awesome messages that we have compiled for you. They are straight from the.heart. Consider the examples below.

love text message
i love you message
loving you message
sex quotes

Have you ever thought about sending your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend a hot love quote that will get him or her thinking of you all day long. Simply write him or her a seductive message that he or she cannot resist even if they try. To do this, you need to very creative and put your best foot forward. Here are examples to look out for.

Quotes about wanting someone sexually

Are you the bold type f person that is not reserved about doing certain things? Would you feel shy about sending making love quotes pictures to your partner or would you be okay with it? Regardless of your reservations, you can always communicate your message without necessarily being too forward or explicit. As long as you understand your partner's love language, it is easy to know what ticks him or her off. This does not necessarily have to be vulgar language because in fact it could turn someone off. If you have been thinking about spending some quality lover time with your partner, then you should set him or her mentally prepared. The following texts and messages can come in handy when doing just that.

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Hot love messages for him

love text message
i love you message
loving you message
sex quotes

If you are looking for hot quotes for guys to get your guy in the mood prior to your arrival then these will be perfect. In case you cannot meet up probably because of distance issues, the messages can also serve as a consolation of sorts till that time that chance permits.

  • Everything about you my love is perfect except for one. With your clothes on, I cannot see your muscles...please take them off for me.
  • I am here smiling just thinking of my favourite moments with you. It is smelling your sweat every night and I will not change that for anything.
  • Boy, how I am so glad that I am legally allowed to s*pank you. I feel naughty already.
  • Thank God I am the only woman that gets to experience the real sexiness that is in you. You are a strong man that can handle me. You make my stubbornness melt away just by a kiss from you. When you cup me in your hands I become weak at the knees and surrender to your sweet torture. I feel especially stubborn today and need someone to calm me down. Have a plan?
  • I cannot wait for you to make me call out your name tonight. I love everything about you honey for your passion is out of this world. I miss you already.
  • My king is perfect because he allows her queen to run the castle every once in a while. I want to show him my style tonight. Think of me love.
  • Talk of a perfect match made in heaven. I believe that God created you just for me. You not only understand what I need but also fit perfectly with my every need. You feed my every desire from making perfect meals and making me yearn for only you. You are good to me and I will do my best to make you happy.
  • I never understood why I loved huge men until I met you. You have a way of handling me that very few men can. I miss you every time as I dream of your huge arms and hard chest for me to rest my head on every night. Thinking of the things you will do to me makes me smile and excited. I cannot wait to see you tonight baby.
  • Think of how you will break my bed tonight and take care of my heart honey. Wink.
  • Call me a pervert but my favorite moment is me picturing you naked. It excites the hell out of me.
  • I know what i want for breakfast, it is a piece of your sexy self. I could have you for lunch and dinner too.
  • I miss the feeling of flying. Would you like to give me wings tonight?

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Hot text messages to turn her on

Women are emotional beings. Before you get down to business, you need to speak to her heart first and capture her mind. You can achieve these y simply sending her seductive text messages for her. This will make her envision the two of you having a good time together making it more relaxed and fun. Consider sending her relevant messages though. Here are examples that will help you achieve your aim. These simple text messages to get her in the mood work like magic.

  • I may not be a fan of sweet things especially the sugary type. This is because there is one thing that supplies all the sweetness I need and that is the taste of your sexy lips.
  • How lucky am I to see the other side of my queen that no one else can. I long to have you in my arms tonight. I want that warm naked body next to mine.
  • Your size is perfect. You are not too small and not too big. You are just perfect for me. I will sweep you off the floor and carry you to our room as i tell you all the things I want to do to you. You make my blood boil and give me a youthful restlessness that I do not want to go away. With you I feel youthful and energetic every time. I am glad for marrying you for I can see myself staying young forever.
  • Many people describe different things as a miracle. For me, being in bed with you, having my sweat drop on your sexy body and finally watching you breathe calmly beside me is the biggest miracle of all time. I love you.
  • I wish you were here to give that dreamy look you got when you hunger for me. I could use some fire rushing through my veins right now. I can't wait to get home honey.
  • I love my morning coffee but not as much as I love our morning hours. You refresh me in ways that even the best brewed coffee never can.
  • I am grateful for the perfection that you are and that you are mine to have forever is amazing. I can never get enough of your beautiful body. I fantasize about you every second I can spare for you are m drug my queen. You make me high and I absolutely love it.
  • Not many women are able to make me feel the way you do. I adore you for that my love. You are an amazing woman and the only one that gives me butterflies in my stomach. When I look at you I get very horny.
  • I love to work out with you for one session with you will guarantee a shed of 6 calories. I think it is time to shed some pounds honey. How does tonight sound?
  • When people look at you they see a smart and focused lady that takes care of her body. They have no idea how sexy and sweet you are. I cannot help but smile and be grateful that I was the lucky man to be your husband.

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Loving you message

love text message
i love you message
loving you message
sex quotes

Make sure you are not taken away with your desires that you forget to remind your lover how much he or she means to you. Remember that love is the bottom line when all is said and done. With the right love text message, the two of you will enjoy each others company even more. You should never forget to send an I love you message to him or her just to reaffirm your affection for them. To get you started, here are unique messages to consider.

  • I don't know what you do to me but every time I see you my heart skips a bit and begins to race and a smile automatically comes to my lips. You must be a magician.
  • I have never told you this but one of my best moments is when I catch you secretly staring at me and then you pretend that you were not. Nothing is more sexy.
  • I have heard so many voices, in fact, I hear so much on a daily basis. Even so, your hushed and deep voice remains my favourite. I cannot get enough of the sexiness. It drives me crazy.
  • The little moments we spend together are my best. This is always when I get to experience you in your raw and real form. I cannot explain how this makes me feel but its absolutely fantastic.
  • Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. I smile more, I cry a little less now and above all, my heart swells with love and hope for the future for I know you got me at all times. I love you.
  • I have come to appreciate the true meaning of love. I can see it in how you look at me so adoringly. I can feel it in how you call my name with so much love and passion. How you hold me reassuringly and comfort me when I am in pain. Everything you do for me spells love and care in a way that I have never experienced before. I am a lucky woman.
  • Your messages make me smile because you always have something to cheer me.
  • I love that you take it upon yourself to make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. You love me with my messy and unkempt hair. You lovingly tease me when i wear your T-shirt and say that I am sexiest like that. You are just the best in the world. My heart beats for you.

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Be creative when coming up with some of the best sexy love messages for your lover. You can be sure that this will ring the right excitement in your relationship. Take note that you can always make your partner feel cared for by the simple things that you do. Also, remember that pre-marital sex has very serious consequences which can even destroy your life forever. It's always best to wait and enjoy these special moments with your husband. That's how God designed it.

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