Man refuses to pay toll in protest of bad Tema motorway road

Man refuses to pay toll in protest of bad Tema motorway road

A man has gained massive attention on social media over his refusal to pay obligatory toll before using the popular Tema Motorway in a video which is fast-spreading and has been sighted by

The self-recorded video showed the man driving toward the Tema Motoway toll booth and refused to pay money to the attendant citing that the roads were bad.

According to the man, he was only going to pay the required toll only if the government fixed the deteriorating roads which has damaged many vehicles.

Man refuses to pay toll in protest of bad motorway road
Tema Motorway Toll Booth. Credit: Wikipedia
Source: UGC

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The man, whose face was not shown in the video, drove up to the attendant, rolled down his glass and said, "Madam, you have to fix the have to fix the road."

The attendant who might have heard the plea one time too many responded, "We will fix it."

That being said, the man then said, "I would start paying the toll when I see the roads fixed" and immediately drove off.

Shocked, the female attendant screamed as she watched the man drive off without paying the toll.

The video has since gone viral and has been shared no less than 400 times already with many people sharing their views on the issue.

Ernest Taylor, a Facebook user who saw the video commented, "I feel you."

Another Facebook user, Mawuena Dogbe, wrote, "Yes is time for ACTION."

Severa Thompson also commented, "Exactly....We need to stand up!"

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Nii Nothingisimpossible, was however not in support of the man's action and called for his protest to be done in a more professional way with this comment, "Solo like this won't wash o, u have to have some support and give some notice like the way the Adenta guys are going about their campaign. I support the initiative but I don't support this action."

Sonia Sepenu Agbenowosi who was in full support of the action wrote, "Our leaders should get ready for this our generation. They haven’t seen anything yet."

Kudiewu Mordecai bemoaned Ghana's situation as compared to other parts of the world on the issue of paying road tolls. He wrote, "Similarly, in other parts of the world you would be very glad to pay toll, cuz you see the physical manifestation of the hard earned cash on the road you ply. You would enjoy the value of your money."

In the past few months, many issues have been raised on the welfare of Ghanaians with some going the extra length to appeal to the appropriate authorities to take steps to make the average Ghanaian comfortable.

Among the many issues that have come up is the call from some concerned residents of Madina and Adenta to get footbridges fixed following the death of many people.

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