Sarkodie - curious facts about your role model

Sarkodie - curious facts about your role model

Sarkodie has been at the top of the Ghanaian entertainment scene for close to a decade. Releasing hit after hit with seemingly effortless ease. He has made a name for himself and made his mark on the memories of his millions of fans. Today we take a look at some of the most peculiar things about his life that you would not know about from his music.

How tall is Sarkodie
Which tribe is Sarkodie
Who is Sarkodie in Ghana?

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Sarkodie biography and life facts

Sarkodie is an accomplished rapper and singer, but little else about his private life is publicly known. Let us lift the lid on that.

1. Who is Sarkodie in Ghana?

Sarkodie is a Ghanaian hip-hop artist. He is also an entrepreneur and award-winning entertainer. He is the talent behind the hit song "Adonai" and one of the creative masters that pioneered the making of a new genre, Azonto.

2. What is the real name of Sarkodie?

Sarkodie's real name is Michael Owusu Addo. He adopted the stage name Sarkodie later on as he started his career in music. His professional name understandably overshadows his real name

3. When was Sarkodie born? How old is Sarkodie?

How old is Sarkodie now? When is Sarkodie’s birthday? Michael Owusu Addo was born on 10th July 1985. This means he is currently 33 years old.

4. Where is Sarkodie from? Which region is Sarkodie from?

Sarkodie was born and raised in Tema city in the Atlantic coast of Ghana located in the Greater Accra region.

5. Which tribe is Sarkodie?

Sarkodie is from the Ashanti tribe of Ghana, and he speaks the Twi dialect of the Ashanti people. He has stuck to his roots using the same language in his songs.

6. How tall is Sarkodie?

Sarkodie is 1.83 meters tall. This means he is part of the admirable 6 feet tall category of men.

7. Where did Sarkodie go to school?

Having begun his journey to musical success while still in school; learning instruments and learning to rap, Sarkodie went all the way with his education. So then, which school did Sarkodie attend? More to the point, which SHS did Sarkodie attend? He attended the Tema Methodist Senior High School before proceeding to university.

8. Which university did Sarkodie attend?

To earn his degree, Sarkodie studied graphic design at IPMC Ghana. An institution that is known for its credible training of students. He did not further his education beyond this point.

9. Where is Sarkodie now?

Sarkodie is currently in Ghana. He got married a few months ago, in July. He has since been up and about with performances in multiple locations countrywide, the latest of which was an electrifying performance at the Fantasy Dome in Accra alongside a host of other A-list musicians in the Glo Mega Music Show.

10. Who is Sarkodie brother?

Sarkodie is the elder brother to Emmanuel Owusu Addo. His young brother is popularly referred to as Experiment, his stage name. Emmanuel is considerably younger than Sarkodie having graduated from University back in 2015, at which point Sarkodie was already a continental sensation.

11. Who is Sarkodie’s mother?

Sarkodie’s mother goes by her maiden name, Maame Aggrey. Sarkodie is her fourth child in a family of five children. She did the amazing job of single-handedly raising Sarkodie and his siblings.

12. Who is Sarkodie’s father?

Sarkodie’s father was not there for a large part of his life. His name is Augustine Owusu Addo. He married again and has another family of step-siblings to Sarkodie and his siblings. Little else is known about him and what he does. He is however supportive of Sarkodie and all his ventures. Sarkodie has featured him in many social media posts from which you can see that the two enjoy a strong relationship.

13. How to contact Sarkodie

As is the case with any A-list celebrity, it is a tough process to get a hold of them, mainly because everyone wants a chunk of their time. Depending on what you need, the process for contacting Sarkodie is different. As a fan you can message him on his social media handles, to book him for an event you have to fill out a request form on the LA Ent. site and go on from there.

Sarkodie - curious facts about your role model

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Sarkodie songs, music and career

Sarkodie has made a considerable number of hit songs over the years. Let us take a closer look at his music and career and what he has accomplished over the years.

14. How Sarkodie started

Sarkodie started out learning to play instruments while in school. After earning his degree, he slowly perfected his rap talent as an underground rapper. Through his endeavors as a little-known rapper, he ended up on the popular rap competition Kasahare Level on Adom FM. The competition limelight brought him to the attention of Duncan Williams of Duncwills Entertainment. Under this new management, he made crucial connections that would later lead him to Hammer. Hammer featured him in two songs of his album, Volta Regime. Sarkodie fed of the steam of the new audience and released his first album Makye. The journey since then has been very glamorous for Sarkodie.

15. Who writes songs for Sarkodie?

Sarkodie’s writer is a signee to his record label Sarkcess Music, Akwaboah. Akwaboah has written multiple hit songs for various artists in Ghana and West Africa including Efya.

16. How many albums does Sarkodie have?

Sarkodie has released 4 studio albums, 1 live album, and 18 mixtapes over the years. He has also released a total of 31 hit singles. Sarkodie has been featured in numerous other releases by various artists.

17. How many awards has Sarkodie won?

Over his long career, Sarkodie has been nominated for multiple awards. He has won four of these including the 2012 BET Awards Best International Act: Africa and this year's Best Collaboration award for the song "PainKiller” at the SoundCity MVP Awards 2018.

18. Who is Sarkodie’s producer?

Sarkodie has had many producers make music with him, for example, his album “Highest” was co-produced by him and Paul Nuamah Dokoh also known as Jayso. His song, Illuminati, was produced by popular producer Magnom, real name Joseph Bulley. Who is Sarkodie’s manager? Renowned manager Angel Town manages Sarkodie.

19. Sarkodie and Ice Prince – who is the best rapper?

Going solely by the awards won by the two artists, it is an easy win for Ice Prince who has won more than a dozen awards and has been nominated for even more. This is in comparison to Sarkodie’s two awards.

20. Who is the best rapper between Olamide and Sarkodie?

Sarkodie has unfortunately been beaten here, using the number of awards as our base of comparison. This is because their rapping skills are subject to personal bias. Sarkodie is, however, the faster rapper of the two, that should count for something at least.

21. What is Sarkodie’s latest song?

Sarkodie’s latest release is “Can’t Let Go”. His latest hit single features the talented King Promise. The song was released on the 11th of August this year and is still hot on the airwaves.

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how much does sarkodie charge per show
how much is sarkodie worth
shatta wale and sarkodie who is rich?

Sarkodie net worth, money, and business

Now we know about his music and how he got to where he is at the moment. It is time to know how much he makes in from all this work.

22. How much does Sarkodie charge per show?

Sarkodie makes an estimated GHC 150,000 for a performance in Ghana and $45, 000 outside Ghana. He, however, makes more money from organizing and hosting shows under his record label Sarkcess Music. This might lead you to wonder: how wealthy is Sarkodie? He is an extremely wealthy individual with sensible spending. What is the net worth of Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie? The answer to that is up next.

23. How much is Sarkodie worth?

So, what is the net worth of Sarkodie? In estimates from information provided in 2017, Sarkodie was worth a whopping $7.5 million. This means he is one of the richest rappers in Ghana and West Africa.

24. Shatta Wale and Sarkodie – who is richer?

There are many comparisons between artists like Shatta Wale and Sarkodie who have money in amounts many can only dream of. Between the two, Shatta Wale comes second with a net worth of $6.2 million is Shatta Wale. Sarkodie who is the richest of the two has a net worth of $7.5 million from his music and other ventures including his record label.

25. Sarkodie and Ice Prince – who is richer?

How much does Sarkodie earn compared to Ice Prince? This is an easier question to answer. Sarkodie has a record label and his music career to keep his tanks full whereas Ice Prince is an actor and rapper, the two are on very different levels and on this comparison, Sarkodie is the clear winner.

26. Sarkodie and Criss Waddle – who is richer?

There is no reliable source of information for Criss Waddle's net worth at the moment. This does not stop us from making logical comparisons of the two. They both live a relatively glamorous life and thus are sufficiently moneyed. Criss Waddle, however, does not have a record label with his name on it or a string of shows he organizes. Sarkodie is the better entrepreneur of the two in this sense and is our pick for being the richer of the two artists.

27. Sarkodie and Wizkid – who is richer?

How much money does Sarkodie have compared to Wizkid? Sarkodie is what is described as a high net worth individual. His net worth is close to 8 figures in US dollar amounts. Wizkid, on the other hand, has had more international success than Sarkodie. Wizkid is estimated to be worth $12 million.

28. Sarkodie and Asamoah Gyan – who is richer?

The answer is simple, Asamoah Gyan is richer. He had a very lucrative spell in the English Premier League and in more top-flight leagues across Europe. During his footballing career, he accrued a net worth of $23 million, thrice the amount Sarkodie is estimated to be worth.

29. Daddy Lumba and Sarkodie – who is richer?

Daddy Lumba is a legendary musician deserving of all the honors he has been awarded so far. For over thirty years he has made great music in Ghana. He has however not ventured into as many entrepreneurial ventures as Sarkodie. Despite not having any exact figures on his net worth, it is easy to tell that Sarkodie is the richer artist.

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Sarkodie girlfriend and love life

How tall is Sarkodie
Which tribe is Sarkodie
Who is Sarkodie in Ghana?

Sarkodie’s personal life is all that is left for us to look into.

30. Who is Sarkodie dating currently? Who is Sarkodie’s girlfriend?

Who is Sarkodie going out with? His wife of three months, Tracy. The two got married in July this year after dating for over 10 years.

31. How old is Sarkodie’s girlfriend?

Tracy Sarkcess, Sarkodie’s wife and previously his girlfriend for 13 years, is 28-years-old this year. This means the two have been since they were teenagers.

where does sarkodie live
how many cars does sarkodie have 
what car does sarkodie drive

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Sarkodie house and cars

For the final section of our deep dive into Sarkodie's life, let us take a look at the house he lives in and the cars he owns.

32. Where does Sarkodie live?

Sarkodie’s house is in Ashaley Botwe, Ghana. He lives in a mansion reflective of both his frugal nature and his lavish status.

33. How many cars does Sarkodie have?

Given his net worth, you expect Sarkodie’s cars to be expensive and flashy. What car does Sarkodie drive? There are three that he fancies, he owns a Range Rover, a Toyota matrix and the most expensive of them all, a Bugatti

Sarkodie has proven that talent can take you places. We believe that all you ever wanted to know about your favorite celebrity, Sarkodie, has been answered in this article. We wish Sarkodie all the best in everything he does.


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