Four serious reasons why Ghanaians feel violence gets results

Four serious reasons why Ghanaians feel violence gets results reported on Thursday that residents of Adentan in Greater Accra engaged security officials in a violent protest over what the residents claim is the local government's unwillingness to complete a footbridge on the highway.

Later on Thursday, it was reported that Ministry of Roads and Highways is prepared to resume work on the footbridge on Monday.

Ghanaians were also interested observers when students at University of Science and Technology forced matters after authorities had refused to listen to them.

Violence has been used for social and political purposes for centuries. Sometimes, it bears results but not at others. lists four reasons why Ghanaians are starting to believe in it.


1. Violence is the last resort

As anyone might have realised after staying in Ghana for a few years, it is one of the most serene places in Africa. This is because, perhaps since 1992, Ghanaians love to be perceived as generally law-abiding.

Adenta Madina
Students protesting at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.
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Violence comes in when the legitimate means fail. People seem as if they are holding on to the violence option as the last of their choices.

2. No differences among the political class

In fairness, there is a powerful political class in Ghana and then there is the rest of Ghanaians. This ruling class have showed very little difference even if political parties come to mind.

When the people feel betrayed by their political options, the worst tends to happen.

3. State institutions are failing

What experts in democratic governance will tell you is that there are certain institutions that belong to the state and not parties. This include the police, military, civic bodies etc.

So if we are to imagine that Ghanaians feel these state institutions themselves are corrupt, how do we expect legitimate concerns to be address outside of partisanship?

4. It is encouraged because it works

The last of our reasons is perhaps, the simplest. Violence, in which the life, property and power of authorities are challenged, tends to yield results.

Adenta Madina
Violent protests at the Adentan-Madina Highway.
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For some reason, Ghanaian leaders may not bother until angry actions come to play.


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