Ghana's best rappers according to Stonebwoy

Ghana's best rappers according to Stonebwoy

Everybody has a list of people they like. It may be actors, musicians, athletes, friends or even family. We can’t all love the same people and hate the same people. On that note, just a few days ago, 2015 BET Award winner for Best International Act Stonebwoy, was asked who are Ghana’s best rappers according to him. At first it looked like it was going to be a hard question to answer, but he went on to answer the question really well. In this article, we shall look, who these 5 rappers in Ghana are. We'll also look at who Stonebwoy is and his music as well as something little about his life.

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The question that first comes to mind is, who are these five rappers? Are they as good as Stonebwoy thinks they are? Could they be ranked among the best rappers of all time or even maybe just among the best rappers in Africa? Well, you will have to stick around to know who the rappers are and how good they are.

Stonebwoy news

Recently, during an interview with Citi TV, Stonebwoy went ahead to name his five favourite Ghanaian rappers after he was asked. He mentioned the list in no particular order but at least we know who they are. The people in his list are:

  1. Sarkodie
  2. Paedae
  3. Obibini
  4. Strongman
  5. Yaa Pono


If you don't know Sarkodie you must be living in a hole. To call him talented is an understatement of what he really is. His music sells on its own. His rich lyrical content as well as his flow make him extraordinarily good. Sarkodie whose real name is Michael Owusu Addo is one of the best rappers in Africa. He has numerous accolades under his name. For starters, just like Stonebwoy, he was the winner of the BET Award for Best International Act: Africa category in 2012. He also got nominated again for the same award in 2014 but this time round he did not win it.

stonebwoy album, stonebwoy age, stonebwoy news

Sarkodie is the fourth child in a family of five children. He was born and grew up in Tema. According to his mother, Michael Owusu Addo (Sarkodie), he started rapping while he was still very young and I guess he never stopped for he is still rapping. He was raised by a single mum. He went to Tema Methodist Senior High School. He did a degree in Graphic design from IPMC. Sarkodie is thirty years old as he was born on the 10th of July 1988.

Unlike other rappers, Sarkodie said he has never tasted alcohol or tobacco. I know this is a shocker as for most rappers, seems like the two are usually in the job description. These are among the things that make him very unique. He has a child with his wife Tracy. The child is called Adalyn Owusu Addo.

Sarkodie’s music is just to die for. He has that rich African blend of pop and hip-hop. He has a couple of albums under his name. Highlighted below are the albums and the songs in each album.


This album was released in the month of September 2017. It has the following songs:

  1. Silence
  2. Overdose
  3. Come To Me
  4. Interlude - Highest, Pt. 1
  5. We No Dey Fear
  6. Certified
  7. Love Yourself
  8. Interlude - Highest, Pt. 2
  9. Highest
  10. Light It Up
  11. Far Away
  12. Your Waist
  13. Interlude - Highest, Pt. 3
  14. Baby Mama
  15. All I Want Is You
  16. All Night
  17. See Only You
  18. Glory
  19. Pain Killer (Bonus Track)

Sarkodie Vol. 3

This album was released in August 2017. It has the following songs:

  1. Response To Samini
  2. Down On One
  3. One Chance
  4. Menkoaa
  5. Dawoso
  6. Give It To Me
  7. Old School Love
  8. All Is You
  9. Lies
  10. Warrior Song
  11. Bossy
  12. Luxury
  13. Good Relationship
  14. When I Grow Up
  15. Where Did I Go
  16. Wanna Be Loved

Sarkodie Vol. 2

This album was also released in August 2017. It has the following songs:

  1. End Up Falling
  2. Mewu
  3. Azonto Fiesta
  4. Chingam
  5. Adonai
  6. Winner
  7. MMMP (Explicit)
  8. Sarkcess Story
  9. Devil In Me
  10. Gunshot
  11. Giants Steps
  12. Special Someone
  13. Pon Di Ting
  14. Nobody's Business
  15. Idibia War
  16. New Guy

Sarkodie Vol. 4

Just the other albums titled Sarkodie, Sarkodie 4 was released in August of 2017. It has the following songs:

  1. Saa Okodie No
  2. Raw Guys
  3. Bra
  4. Preach
  5. Ohemaa
  6. Hallelujah
  7. Attack
  8. Ordinary Love
  9. Adonai
  10. M3gye Wo Girl
  11. Love Rocks
  12. Pain Killer
  13. Hold On
  14. Always On My Mind
  15. Xxl

Sarkodie Vol. 1

It was also released in August 2017. Its song list consists of the following songs:

  1. Asante Ni
  2. Bounce
  3. Edwom Tesen
  4. Illuminati
  5. Obobi
  6. Sherifa
  7. Take It Back
  8. Wobaadanaa
  9. Sizeless
  10. Original
  11. Mary
  12. Faces Of Life
  13. Dear Rap
  14. Pain Killer
  15. U Go Kill Me


This album was released in September 2015. It has the following songs:

  1. Wanna Be Loved (feat. Efya)
  2. Giant Steps (feat. Chase)
  3. Mewu (feat. Akwaboah)
  4. Always on My Mind (feat. Obrafour)
  5. Bra (feat. Pat Thomas)
  6. Nobody's Business (feat. Akwaboah)
  7. All Is You (feat. Mugeez)
  8. End up Falling (feat. Akwaboah)
  9. Edwom Te S3n
  10. Mary
  11. Sarkcess Story (feat. Efya)


This album has the following songs under it:

  1. Your Waist Highest
  2. Didi (feat. Kelvynboy & Strongman)
  3. Chingam (feat. Bisa Kdei)
  4. Azonto Fiesta Sarkodie, Vol. 2


This album was released in 2012 in the month of February. It has the following songs:

  1. Word of God
  2. Saa Okodie No (feat. Obrafour)
  3. Warrior Song (feat. Kk Fosu)
  4. Onyame eyhira (produced By Kaywa) (feat. Castro)
  5. Faces of life-1
  6. When I Grow Up (feat. Ikechukwu)
  7. Odo Menkoaa (feat. Kwabena Kwabena)
  8. Old School Love (feat. Mugeez)
  9. Where Did I Go Wrong (feat. Efya)
  10. Sherifa_sherifa (feat. Sherifa)
  11. Efya-Am In Luv With U(prod. By Killbeatz) (feat. Efya)
  12. Give It to Me (feat. Mugeez)
  13. U Go Kill Me (feat. El)
  14. Luxury (Prod By Jayso) (feat. Jayso And Lighter)
  15. Mani Dawoso (feat. Kwawkese)
  16. Ohemaa Dane (feat. Tinny)
  17. I'm a Winner (feat. Chidynma)
  18. Friends (feat. Rell And Jayso)

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I know we are all happy that Paedae was in this list. Paedae is truly an incredible artist. The numerous awards that he has been able to pick-up by himself as well as part of R2Bees surely speak a lot for him. Paedae is part of the music duo, R2Bees. He is also known as Omar Sterling. R2Bees is a hip-hop and afrobeat duo from yet again Tema. Both members of this duo, this is Omar Sterling and Rashid Mugeez were born and raised in Tema. Paedae is the leader and the CEO of the group while Mugeez is the lead vocalist. The two are actually cousins. The two have been together for almost all their lives. They have lived in the same house, they went to the same primary and secondary school and now they are singing together. They started rap while they were in school as the two would go to represent their school in rap contests as well as inter-school music competitions.

They released their first single in 2008, the month of August. It was called ‘Yawa Gal’. This single became a hit just like that. From there it has been an upward journey for them. They have grown in popularity. R2bees usually or most of the time sing and rap in Twi the native language. The only way to know if he's good is by checking out some of his songs.


There are people who refer to him as Strongman Burner and others just as Strongman, but at the end of the day, it's still the same person. So who is Strongman? What are the hit songs under his name? What genre of music does he sing?

Strongman is one of the hardest rappers to compare anyone to at the moment. His rapping skills are just something else. It is no surprise that he made it to this list. To add to his many achievements, he was recently awarded as the Best Rapper at the Ghana Music Awards SA 2018. This award was closely contested for. He surely deserves to be in Stonebwoy's list.

rappers in africa, stonebwoy, stonebwoy songs

His real name is Osei Kwaku Vincent. He was born on the February 10th the year 1993. This only means that Strongman is only twenty-five years old. He is one of the sensational rappers in Ghana. He is strong when it comes to his lyrics and his one-of-a-kind rap style. I guess it is one of these reasons he is referred to as Strongman for he is strongly rooted in the industry. According to sources, he is looked at as the most creative rapper in Ghana.

His music career has been nothing but interesting. At such a young age, he has already collaborated with many known and veteran musicians in Ghana as well as the rest of Africa. The artists include the like of Sarkodie, Bisa Kdei, Edem and the likes. At the moment, Strongman is currently signed to Sarkodie's music group, Sarkcess Music.

Strongman does not have a lot of albums under his name as he is still young. This is not to say he does not have music out there. He has one album that is actually very nice and many singles that don’t disappoint.

He has one studio album labelled, “ Am The Strongest”. This album together with all the singles he has have truly put him on Stonebwoy’s radar.


Obibini’s real name is David Kwaku Effum Boafo. Obibini actually stands for, Obviously Black is Beautiful Infinite & Naturally inspiring. Obibini started singing in his room many years back. While he was young he used to listen to music from the likes of Rockstone, Obrafour, Outcast and Busta Rhymes. The music of the people mentioned above together with other artists gave him the motivation to write songs as well as raps.

stonebwoy album, stonebwoy age, stonebwoy news

While he was in high school, he joined a four-member group called III Deadly Ministries (IDM). Here he used to write his own songs and this helped him a lot. Obibini has always had a large following even before he made his debut single. Obibini is unique in the way he blends English and his mother-tongue in his music.

Yaa Pono

When Stonebwoy chose Yaa Pono he said he considers Yaa Pono as more than just a rapper. He is more of an all-rounded artist and that is why Stonebwoy was not considering him in this category. Apart from being really exceptional, his use of Akan language with so much style and charisma make him standout. I think it was one of these reasons or all of these reasons that might have made Stonebwoy choose him. He is yet another musician on Stonebwoy’s list from Tema. I think there's just something about Tema and talent. When it comes to freestyle hip-hop, nobody compares to him. He has an unmatched charisma that makes him incomparable. Apart from hip-hop, Yaa Pono is also famous for his dancehall music and his afrobeat rhythms. He is truly a very versatile and diverse musician if you were to ask me. He has already established his place in Ghana’s music industry and he is going to occupy this spot for some time to come.

stonebwoy album, stonebwoy age, stonebwoy news

Apart from all that, his real name is Solomon Adu Antwi. The second part of his stage name Pono stands for Prince Of No Origin. His music career kicked off in 2007 after he recorded a mixtape. His debut album was actually released in 2014 and it was called,’ Sea Blue”. It is actually a very nice album and it made him stand up from the rest. He also has the album labelled ‘Faster Than Gods'. This album has the following songs:

Faster Than Gods

  1. Intro
  2. Solar Power (feat. Samini)
  3. No. 1 in Africa (Amendwo)
  4. Wonsa Beka (feat. Edem)
  5. Love for You (feat. Sarkodie)
  6. Mr Lucifer
  7. Sane Eba
  8. Jamming
  9. Addicted (feat. Gemini Orleans)
  10. Interlude (feat. Shuga Kwame & Taboo)
  11. Devil (feat. Lesh Uno & Agyen Kay)
  12. Olo (feat. Epixode)
  13. Too Big (feat. Jaycee)
  14. Eko (feat. L. A. X.)
  15. Feeling
  16. Woso
  17. Street Boy
  18. Sokoo
  19. Menim Yenka (feat. Taboo)
  20. Abundance (feat. Shuga Kwame)
  21. Like Evil

Yaa Pono also has another album by the initials, A. R. T. This basically means African Relaxation Techniques. This is an album he made in collaboration with very many artists. This album has the following songs:

  1. Wa ko Wo Ho
  2. Propaganda
  3. Ma Se Sa
  4. Ngleshie Avenue
  5. Wouldn't have to
  6. Me Do Wo
  7. Abasem
  8. Akosombo Sunrise
  9. Bbb
  10. Artorkor

Stonebwoy biography

Etse Satekla, most commonly known as Stonebwoy is a Ghanaian music artist. One of the most fascinating things about him is that he sings a wide range of music hence it is very unlikely to get bored with him or for him to release monotonous songs. His most common genres of music are Afropop, dancehall and reggae. Stonebwoy was born on the 5th of March the year 1988, therefore he is thirty years old. I know Stonebwoy age is a shocker for all those who didn’t know how old he is. He was born in Ashaiman. He is the fourth born in a large family of seven children. He has always had a heart for arts ever since he was young as this was illustrated when he successfully scripted and acted for the drama club of his high school. He has always been a force to reckon with as while he was still young he used to go for rap battles where even established artists would come and up to this day he has never been defeated. It is for this reason among others that he says that music chose him and not the other way round.

Stonebwoy did his secondary studies at Methodist Day Secondary School. He went on to pursue a degree in Marketing at the university. His love for music kept on pushing him until he finally met Samini who ended up signing Stonebwoy to Samini Music Label.

Stonebwoy having come from a big family knows how to take care of kids and this is evident from the much love he has for his daughter. He is married to Dr Louisa Kwakye Asang. Dr Louisa Kwakye Asang is a graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University and Technology. The two got married at Unique Flora at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra.

rappers in africa, stonebwoy, stonebwoy songs

Stonebwoy songs

Stonebwoy album count is at three at the moment. These three albums are Grade 1, Necessary Evil and Epistles of Mama. Each of these albums had hit songs in them. The songs in each album are highlighted below:

Grade 1

This album was released in 2012. The track-list for this album is as follows:

  1. Rate Race
  2. Head Up / Above the Sky feat. Edem
  3. Kiss 'n' Cry
  4. Climax feat. Samini
  5. Ghetto Love feat. Irene Logan
  6. Please Don't Go
  7. Need You feat. Red Eye
  8. Onumade feat. Tinny
  9. Agoro feat. Samini
  10. Bumper
  11. Why
  12. Give All Out
  13. Not Scared
  14. Roots 'n' Culture
  15. Hills 'n' Valley
  16. Push It feat. Kaakie
  17. Not Scared Remix feat. Red Eye

Necessary evil

This is the second album by this very talented musician. It was released in 2013. The songs in that album are as follows:

  1. Bhim Nation
  2. Happiness feat. Jah Vinci
  3. Ex Boyfriend feat. Mugeez R2Bees
  4. Baafira feat. Sarkodie
  5. Can't Cool
  6. Chat Dem A Chat feat. General Pype
  7. Ganja Pipe feat. VsVerbal
  8. Gwaan
  9. Murderer feat. Cara Biara
  10. Mzansi feat. Eindo & Turaz
  11. Not Again
  12. Physically
  13. Pull Up (Remix) feat. Patoranking
  14. Real Warrior (Last Breathe Riddim)
  15. Run Go
  16. Submarine (Remix)
  17. Watchout feat. The Outlaws
  18. Candy
  19. Gbedegbede
  20. Jamming feat. Kwaw Kese
  21. Look Good
  22. Love Pressure feat. Black Prophet
  23. More Gyal feat. DXD
  24. Paranoid feat. Raquel
  25. 25 Skin to Skin
  26. Sneaky
  27. So Real
  28. Watch Over Us
  29. Wicked feat. Gappy Ranks

Epistles of Mama

This album was released in 2017. Its song list consists of the following songs:

  1. Bawasaaba
  2. Dede (feat. King Promise & Kelvyn Boy)
  3. Mane Me (feat. Praiz & Mugeez)
  4. Pepper Dem (feat. amaarae) Stonebwoy & Edem
  5. Carnival (feat. Fay-Ann Lyons)
  6. Souljah
  7. Odo Bi Stonebwoy & Sarkodie
  8. Tia Tia (feat. Yaa Pono & Joey B)
  9. One Man Lady (feat. Vanessa Bling)
  10. Jungle (feat. Kofi Kinaata)
  11. Hold on You (feat. Khalia)
  12. All My Love (feat. Efya)
  13. Mama
  14. Mama (Sax Version) Stonebwoy & Mizter Okyere
  15. Feeling Lonely Stonebwoy & I-Octane
  16. Praises
  17. Hakuna Matata (feat. Agent Sasco)
  18. Savage (feat. Pressure Buss Pipe)
  19. Same God
  20. Suit & Tie (feat. Kabaka Pyramid)
  21. Take You Home Stonebwoy, Burna Boy & AKA
  22. My Way (feat. Damaris Joi)
  23. We Bad (Don 45)

I hope this article has been helpful in highlighting the rappers that Stonebwoy said are exceptional and truly they are. They are truly among the best rappers in Africa. I hope you enjoyed the read.

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