Four things you should know that happens when you are drunk

Four things you should know that happens when you are drunk

Alcohol is one of man's greatest inventions in that it is needed for both celebration and consolation.To add to this, few drinks are more controversial than alcohol.

It is known that heavy drinking has been linked to health problems but some also point out that there are potential benefits when some alcohol, like wine, is consumed in moderation.

No matter where you stand on that divide, one thing that is certain is that excessive drinking at any given time leads to being drunk. When this happens, there are a lot of things that happen in your body. lists four things that happens to the human body when one is drunk.

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1. Alcohol slows your brain

When alcohol is absorbed into your system, it travels through your body and interrupts normal functions when it impacts the brain. Since it is the brain that controls the body, alcohol slows the way you think, behave, and react.


Club Beer is a favourite of many Ghanaians.
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The chemicals in your body that transmits information are affected when they cannot stand the level of alcohol in your body.

2. How alcohol leads to passing out

When messages do not travel at the good speed, your body does not process what functions to carry out as quickly as it normally would.

According to one research, your memory, judgment, emotion, and vision all get affected when your brain is slow.

This is also when people are likely to faint or pass out.

3. Your liver works overtime

Alcohol affects your liver the most apart from the brain. The liver is responsible for metabolism and so it tries to work out what you will need in the alcohol.

Four things you should know that happens when you are drunk

A man enjoying his Club Beer.
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When your liver works on alcohol, it causes frequent urination. When the alcohol level is high, it causes nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and hangover in the morning.

4. Hangover means you lack water

As many know, hangovers are caused by overconsumption of alcohol. Symptoms include headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, and fatigue.

Hangover is what happens when there is no water in your system. Alcohol makes you lose water through urination and sweat.

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