Kwesi Arthur biography – interesting facts and stories

Kwesi Arthur biography – interesting facts and stories

Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur junior is a popular Ghanaian trap and Hip-hop musician who is popularly known by his first and last name – Kwesi Arthur. His childhood was not smooth due to financial difficulties. In fact, at one point in his life he was close to becoming a security guard. He's making headway now. Here is the full Kwesi Arthur biography. Keep scrolling down to know more about him.

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The “Grind Day” hitmaker was nominated for BET Awards 2018 edition for the viewers’ choice- Best New International Act. Since his nomination, the internet has had a lot of queries about him. People are wondering who exactly is Kwesi Arthur. Some want to download Kwesi Arthur new tracks while others just want to know Kwesi Arthur age, issues, his stories, family, kids, net worth, and so on.

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Kwesi Arthur profile

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Outlined below is Kwesi Arthur profile:

  • Born: 18th December, 1994
  • Age: 24 years as of 2018.
  • Nationality: Ghanaian.
  • Occupation: Musician, rapper.
  • Twitter: @KwesiAthur_

Kwesi Arthur biography

Being nominated to contest for the Best New International Act Award is something that one doesn’t wakeup to. Moreover, some of his competitors were more established. They included Mc Soffia from Brazil, Take A Mic from France, Prince Waly form France, Niniola from Nigeria, Sjava from South Africa, Nailah Blackman, Not3s and Lamddb from United Kingdom. Even though he lost the award to South Africa’s java, it can be clearly seen that he really tried. Let’s take a look at his educational background to have more insight.

Kwesi Arthur education background

Like many people, Kwesi wasn’t born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He had to struggle and endure all the problems he faced with his education. He would be at times sacked out of school due to his blood parent’s inability to afford his fees. In fact, he was often chased away from school every term except one day when the school heads mixed up with all the names.

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Nonetheless, through hard work and struggle the Grind Day hitmaker managed to complete his high school education from Tema Secondary School. Now, there was one thing left – joining GIJ (Ghana Institute of Journalism). Kwesi Arthur college education had to be halted down due to lack of enough funds. This was the time when his hood friend told him that he could link him to a security guard job that had an opening. Despite the fact that he had already taken the registration forms to the university, he didn’t get admission and so opted to stay at home.

Kwesi Arthur career

After listening to a Drake’s hit – Thank Me Later – Kwesi’s career started off. The song can be described as the stepping stone towards what he is today. His impeccable English undoubtedly gets some of its lyric inspiration from his current and past lifestyles.

His career rose to fame after collaborating with Sarkodie and Medikal for the song “Grind Day” which was produced by Kayso. This song is one of the Kwesi Arthur featured songs.

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Kwesi Arthur pictures

Here is a collection of some of the best photographs of Kwesi:

Kwesi Arthur tracks

Most of the songs in Kwesi’s music and rap career reflect a mundane lifestyle tune and some harsh reality. The tracks are worth spending time on. Listen to the message they carry. However, we cannot analyze all the songs he has ever made. For this reason, we will take the top trending Kwesi Arthur new song.

To get Kwesi Arthur instrumentals for any of his songs just do a quick Google search with the name of the song. Don’t forget to include the prefix “instrumental” so as to refine your search.

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1. Kwesi Arthur Anthem

Released on 30th January, 2018, Anthem is a splendid piece that was written by Kwesi. Jayfyn who mixed the song left the viewers of the song really amazed. The opening scene starts with Kwesi preparing Gari, a Ghanaian dish, in his kitchen. The scene surpasses the traditional pop song beginning. This can be described as one of the best Kwesi Arthur videos. His fans reacted so massively to the video with challenges that imitate his moves.

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2. Kwesi Arthur 8PM in Tema

The beautiful 8PM in Tema lyrics came out and gathered a lot of listeners under the production of Tabil. It potrays a strong longing of Kwesi winning the Grammy award so as to prove himself to his haters who always don’t believe he has a potential. This song definitely will make you become confident in showing people who once despised you that you have the potential.

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3. Kwesi Arthur politics

This is one of Kwesi Arthur songs in which he describes how politicians as people who change colour for the sake of getting votes. Released on 26th August to Entertainment JaGaBan YouTube channel, the video has amassed views and likes. It’s worth spending your bundles to watch that awesome video.

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4. Kwesi Arthur issues (Meek Mill Freestyle)

This song is yet another style from Kwesi titled issues. He says that he isn’t supposed to be in this world because of the poverty he passed through. He adds and says that we should work hard and that best things are free but you will spent too much on them. Overall, he urges his listeners to solve their issues themselves as he does. Undoubtedly, all Kwesi's music teach his fans a lesson.

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5. Kwesi Arthur guy

In this popular song, Kwesi Arthur tells his fans that he neither hates it when another person becomes successful nor does he blame anyone for what he is going through. He emphasizes that one needs much effort to achieve his youthful dream and even if he achieves it, he should not think that he is up yet. In the last part of the song, he tells his fans how successful he is since he buys anything he wants compared to 10 years ago when he had completely nothing.

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6. Kwesi Arthur Grind Day

Grind Day is another incredible song from Kwesi’s Nkrumah Krom Ep album. It highlights active days’ stories without mentioning any particular day and the position of midday sun. The song emphasizes hard work throughout the week so as to earn butter and bread for survival. In the remix of this song, he features multiple artists - Sarkodie, Medikal, and Business crooner. It received a million views compare to the original song which had around 150 thousand views on YouTube.

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7. Kwesi Arthur Devil Knocking

Devil knocking is one of the famous songs that Kwesi has included in his latest album. It was produced by Dusha Billions and Kayso. In the song’s video, you will find a plea from the All Mighty aching heart. You will find yourself silently requesting God to lead you away from the claws of the evil one. Kwesi echoes an appeal to the savior in the last refrain part of the lyrics. He wants to save his soul from being drowned by the devil. An image of a girl licking money clearly shows that the devil is luring him with wealth and fame.

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8. Kwesi Arthur up and awake

This song is so electrifying with its video performance done by Kwesi and Kojo-Cue Shaker. It leaves an excellent impression to its viewers by keeping them in a wonder and awe mood. In the video, characters start their day by doing a simple prayer so that God helps them fill their mind with only positive things. They also pray for lost people who are out there making money blindly.

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9. Kwesi Arthur back on wall

The song’s video will make you to be aware of human life stark reality especially when your friend’s back is hitting the wall and they can’t escape. The song lyrics and sound matches perfectly with the background of the video. The awesome performance is done under Nasim Bilal directory where Kwesi really makes the video outstanding with his moves.

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10. Kwesi Arthur free

Kwesi emphasizes on the fact that he wants to be free from trouble so as to fight for tomorrow. He adds and says that the time for action is now and no relaxing ever again. The song basically urges his listeners and viewers to put more effort even when they are about to give up. Towards the end of the song Kwesi apologies to all his boys who by any chance he forgot to “hala” them like he used to do.

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Indeed, Kwesi is a young successful musician who is very humble. He is determined and never lets his poor background to decide his future. Such famous and humble musicians are very rare to find. Additionally, his songs are full of educational content that every age group ought to listen to. For those who were actively searching for Kwesi Arthur biography, all your queries have been answered.

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