Felui Nuna biography - exclusive facts about the uprising star

Felui Nuna biography - exclusive facts about the uprising star

Felicia Nuna Tawiah commonly known by her stage name, Feli Nuna is Ghana’s queen of rap. She is a Ghanaian born on 20th May in the year 1990. She is famous for her versatility in singing as she can handle hip hop, rap, riddim and Afro pop for which she is mainly associated with. She comes from Leklebi Agbesia in the Volta Region.

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Feli Nuna profile

  • Born: 2oth May 1990
  • Age: 28 years
  • Origin: Volta region, Ghana.
  • Occupation: Musican with multiple genre talent
  • Famous for: Verstaility in music and Afro pop specialist
  • Facebook: FeliNuna
  • Twittter:@FeliNuna
  • Instagram:felinuna

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Feli Nuna biography

Feli Nuna biography gives fans a chance to know who she is apart from the music that we all enjoy. Read on to discover for yourself some of the aspects of Feli’s life that you probably would never have known.

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Feli Nuna career

Feli Nuna is celebrated today in the Ghanaian music scene because of her exciting talent that keeps many people trying to figure her out unsuccessfully. Her versatility in music makes her impossible to beat as she can fit in practically any setting and excel at it. This has been seen by her ability to sing hip hop, Afro pop and riddim genres just to mention a few. What is common across board is that her songs are always instant hits as they are bangers that will get you dancing. So, just when and how did she get into music?

Feli Nuna is not only loved for her sweet personality, but also because of the quality of music she releases. She puts her best foot forward always. Feli has been in the industry for quite sometime now, with her songs, like I like am and Gelaway being instant hits. The songstress seems to be making hits every time she releases a song which goes to show that she is taking this career seriously as she puts all her mind into it. The Daava Diva continues to wow her fans with more surprises as she easily changes between genres without betraying her excellence in any of them. Listen to any of Feli Nuna songs and you will understand this aspect more. Most people got to know her after her hit Ghana Girl Swag in 2013.

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Apart from singing, Feli is also a song writer. She loves coming up with music probably because of her love for twisting words and playing around with words to create something unique and influential.

In 2010 she participated in the Miss Ghana beauty contest where she emerged among the 20 finalists. She believes that she would have won had she paid attention to the competition as she had all it took to win. This is one of the things she is cross with herself for. Nevertheless, she used the opportunity as a great learning platform and got to network. At the time, she had already started her music and was also a rap artist.

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Feli Nuna family


Feli Nuna was born to Col. Theophilus Tawiah (Rtd) and Ms Sitsofe Dzansi.

Feli Nuna songs

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Feli Nuna has released a number of hits that continue to propel her in the limelight. She is fast becoming a darling of many fans especially with regard to female rappers in Ghana. She is one of the best artists and needless to say,she is one of the few multifaceted female artists in Ghana. The following is a list of her most popular songs.

  • Feli Nuna - Gelaway
  • Feli Nuna - Afro magic
  • Feli Nuna - Awola
  • Feli Nuna - Dream
  • Feli Nuna - I like am
  • Feli Nuna - Lose control

Her famous collaborations include :

  • Feli Nuna ft Kojo Cue
  • Knii Lante ft Feli Nuna
  • Kuami Eugene ft Feli Nuna

If you are a fan, then you have probably heard some of the above songs by Feli. Whether you are looking to download Gelaway by Feli Nuna or are just interested in Feli Nuna - Gelaway lyrics, it is possible to find them online. The same can be said for other songs by the artist including Afro Magic Feli Nuna hit song.

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Feli Nuna photos

feli nuna awola
download gelaway by feli nuna
download afro magic by feli nuna
download feli nuna gelaway

Latest news on Feli Nuna

Even as you settle for Feli Nuna - Gelaway video download, it is clear that she has a message she strongly advocates for. Feli is a champion of abstinence before marriage. This is clear in her song Gelaway which is advice to ladies not to give away the cookie too quickly, especially not before getting the necessary commitment. For this and more interesting views, here are a few things about Feli you ought to know.

Feli strips

The well known Daavi Diva recently stripped for her male fans during a pool party performance. This is unlike her as she is always about decency in dressing and music message. Whether she was overwhelmed by the moment as she performed her act is something we are left wondering. She however continued her act in the pool after she stripped, so there may have been nothing to see after all. Get to watch the Nii Lante ft Feli Nuna video on YouTube to appreciate the sensual side of the artist. This is an example of song that shows Feli tapping into a song to speak to your emotions directly.

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Lack of seriousness cost her the 2010 miss Ghana win

If you think that the Feli Nuna - Gelaway video is the best of Feli’s talents, think again. The beautiful artist does not shy away from stating her disappointment at herself after she failed to clinch the top position at the 2010 Miss Ghana competition which she had potential for. She believes that her lack of seriousness cost her the award. Nevertheless, the opportunity was well utilized as a chance to network and get a few lessons on womanhood. As you download Afro Magic by Feli Nuna, it is interesting to note that your favorite artist was once a model.

Nipple play is a turn on

If you think that the chemistry in the song "Show" by Feli Nuna ft Kuami Eugene is strong, then you have probably not heard of her response on Hitz fm when she was asked about a few of her secrets. On intimacy, she had a difficult time revealing that her nipples are the way to turning her on. The moment of truth further led her to reveal that she sleeps naked because it is convenient and comfortable for her. In the same interview, she went ahead to reveal that the lack of collaborations between female artists in Ghana is because of their issues but she was working on debunking this. She also advocates for good content since musicians serve as role models and thus cannot just afford to sing about anything.

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I am for men all the way

Do not be fooled by the video when you download Feli Nuna - Gelaway song on YouTube. The artist featured ladies for a good reason which was to pass the message of unity among ladies as well as advise them not to give the cookie too quickly. Femi was quick to trash all rumors about her being a lesbian as she confirmed that she was into men.

Feli Nuna biography above gives you insight into the life of the celebrity that is fast becoming a must follow in Ghana. Feli is known for great hits and is probably going to continue producing the best hits over time.

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