Edem - Toto: video, mp3, and facts

Edem - Toto: video, mp3, and facts

Edem - Toto is a new track promising to take over the airwaves with speed and magnitude yet to be seen. The song is from a renowned Ghanaian artist, Edem, with a known history of releasing hits that disrupt the airwaves; clearly evidenced by his first radio-hit song Witine Woshi. So far, Toto has received much love among ewe speakers scattered across the world and Ghana at large. The general public too is hooked to the tune. Of course, how can one ignore such a hit with lyrical sanity and one that respects musical chords? Toto is the kind of song that will leave you dancing to your success, appreciating that which you are worth regardless of its size.

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Listening to his previous work compared to his Toto jam, one easily recognizes the distinction that this new jam comes with. Toto is barely a week old and has already spurred an online conversation about its moral uprightness, with a fraction of the listeners condemning the song while another fraction was applauding the motivational infused track claiming there is nothing profane with the song. In fact, they claim it is a song worth listening to for inspiration. The song also gives one a good feeling about your hustle. Apparently, the right and wrong of this song are subjective, and as in all controversies, you as the listener is best fit to judge. Below is a chain of information about the song, including mp3, video, lyrics and facts that will help you pass the right judgment

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Edem - Toto description

Toto is a creation ushered into the Gh music scene by VRMG. The song was released on Nov 7, 2018, in its audio format by VRMG. Toto is afro-pop music. The 2 minutes 22-second jam is slightly shorter than the modern 3-4 minute songs, a choice yet to be understood by most. Nonetheless, it appears to be a good choice given the number of response and the attitude of the respondents towards the jam. As of the time of this publication, the music video is yet to be released, leaving us with little to say about the music video. Nonetheless, judging from the lyrics and public reaction, the video will definitely help to answer some of the moral questions raised about the song both for the good of the songs market share, airplay, and entertainment. Mr. Lekki is the producer involved in the production of this great jam.

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Edem – Toto reviews and comments

Edem - toto has been added to many of Edem songs released hitherto. Given that the song has been made available in its audio format alone, we have a limited scope to analyze.

Considering Edem age, 32, it is highly unlikely to think he can produce profane music, right? Wrong. This is the entertainment industry, and anything worth addressing can be put in the paper and eventually on a disc, including all manner of immorality. This is not to mean Edem is guilty of immorality through his latest creation Toto. Nonetheless, the song picture coupled with the Ga interpretation of Toto, which is Vagina, betrays any thought of uprightness of the song. This is an issue picked by most fans claiming that the song is inappropriate and deserves not to be given airplay.

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Contrary to these, a different fraction of the crowd is pro-Toto claiming there is nothing wrong with the song and it deserves as much airplay as all the other songs. The anti-Toto faction argues that the song lacks lyrical sanity and is immoral; a claim that is supported with this part of the lyrics ‘we dey hustle for xetoto toto xetoto, boys dey hustle for xetoto toto xetoto.’ This line suggests that boys' main motivation for their hustle is the Toto, which is immoral. On the other hand, the pro-Toto faction claim that the song is as upright as a committed Christian, blaming language difference is the only reason behind the misunderstanding.

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Toto is a motivational song seeking to empower and appreciate a hustler, the common person who gets wakes up every day to try and make ends meet. However, its lyrics and overall presentation betray the songwriters' intentions.

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The audio is of good quality. All the beats and musical chord have been properly projected and can be heard through your mobile phone or a stereo system without feeling awkward vibes.

Edem - Toto lyrics are sound. This is emphasized more by the feeling one gets when listening to this music.

Edem – Toto downloads

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Toto is not only an addition to Edem songs 2018 but also it is Edem new song. Like any other new jam, especially ones with this quality, it is only natural that you would want to keep it for future use. For music, a download is always the best option as it allows you unlimited access to the song. Given that the music is only available in its mp3 format, it is impossible to make any video download. However, you can get an mp3 download or live stream by clicking:

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  • Edem – Toto download on SoundCloud

The video can also be downloaded on Youtube.

In spite of the moral question surrounding this jam, Edem – Toto promises to be a song that will motivate people for a long time. Fortunately, in the entertainment industry, any publicity is good publicity. Controversies surrounding this jam might seem negative but if the song really was meant to motivate it will end up doing good.

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