Asem - Weather Channel: video, mp3, lyrics and facts

Asem - Weather Channel: video, mp3, lyrics and facts

Asem - Weather Channel is a new song on the scene. To all Asem fans, this is a new style from the artist hoping to reach greater markets and reap big returns. In the Weather Channel, Asem raps with an American accent giving his song flavor and classy touch. Don’t get it wrong, Afro music and everything about it will always remain blessed and uplifted, but once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to try new things. Asem has dared to do the unknown, and so far, his weather channel song is good.

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Asem - Weather Channel has made Asem 2018 worthwhile. This incredible song has been included in a short list of Asem songs 2018 and happens to be Asem latest track so far. It marks Asem’s growth in Ghana’s music industry. It is simple, yet good music. Get more insight below.

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Asem - Weather Channel description

Weather Channel is Asem new song. The song was released on Nov 9, 2018. Currently, the song exists in audio format. The song was recorded by WBDN Records, and it is part of Asem’s Weather Channel album. Weather Channel is 2 minutes 52 seconds of rap music. This is good news for rap music lovers.

Asem - Weather Channel reviews and comments

Asem latest song, Weather Channel lives up to his dream. Ever since his debut, Asem has been tailoring rap music with the aim to achieve the kind of perfection he has with the Weather Channel. His deliberate efforts are slowly paying off.

Weather Channel is well-composed hip-hop music. Like most hip-hop music, the Weather Channel is hype music with rhyming words and a lot of blowing one's own trumpet. It is feel-good music that you can listen and jam to when you want to lift your spirits up and get your confidence to high enough levels so as to perform a hard task.

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The length of the music is okay, given that the lyrics are short.

The musical chord and the beats in the song have also been properly engineered to suit both the large stereo and phone speakers. This, therefore, allows you to listen to this jam without experiencing any difficulty, comfortably.

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Asem – Weather Channel lyrics


Weather Channel


A. S. E. M


You won’t get it on the weather channel

You won’t get it on the news, boy

I be coming with the fuse boy Repeat 3x


I don’t play only play to keep

Put it down man I lay it deep

Only time I talk is when I talk money and it ain’t cheap what you want from me ?

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On the phone talking dollar signs

Made a milli off the art of rhyme

In the studio, I caught a bomb

And I dropped it on em like it’s Ramadan

Flood the streets in the summertime

Can’t touch this hammer time

Know some niggas with a lot of hammers

Only do the crime never do the time

I got a milly bazookas

You got some silly boy shooters

I’m sorry to tell you the truth is

Most of you boys be clueless

Most of you boys be clueless

I’m what you all be influenced

Why I don’t mess with the nuance

Make moves make moves ey

Moonwalking in my shoe ey

Tap dancing through the blues ey

Oh I think I caught a wave bout to set sail with the crew

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Repeat chorus

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Asem – Weather downloads

You can easily download this song and add it to your phone's playlist. Follow the subsequent procedures to download your song.

Asem – Weather mp3 download

Mp3 version of a song is always readily available when you need to listen to it while working. It does not take much of your device space thus making it preferred. Click here to get Asem-weather mp3 download.

Asem – Weather video download has not been made available. The much there is in form of a video is a YouTube lyrical video.

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Asem - Weather Channel is one of his 2018 tracks. Asem songs have been a major contribution to Ghana's entertainment industry. Over the years, Asem has been able to produce quality content. Now with weather channel part of his song collections, the entertainment bar has just been raised. Looking at his latest songs, one can easily say that weather channel is one of his best creations so far.


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