Four sure ways to know she doesn't love you for the money

Four sure ways to know she doesn't love you for the money

It goes without saying that the first way by which you can know your woman is not with you for money is for you to actually have some money. It is the obvious and basic step to the whole point of this writing.

This article is not to shame women as money-grabbers. Rather it is to help mitigate valid fears millions of men across the world have about women and money.

The whole issue stems from the fact that men are usually raised as providers and women as helpers. We can point out the problems with that but it would take a whole book, perhaps.

Many films, books and plays tend to advise men to hide their wealth to see if their women like them sans money. But let us leave those things where they belong; in fantasies.

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1. Spend like it is an investment

Whether it is a night out or you are simply paying the bills, let your girlfriend or wife believe that it is an investment. You are investing in the two of you and your relationship.

When she knows that you see every pesewa spent as an investment, she will understand that you have very little or nothing to play with.

Women can tell if you do not respect money.

2. Propose a joint savings account

Ask your woman for the two of you to save money together. Each of you would have equal access to withdrawals while contributing regularly.

Four sure ways to know she doesn't love you for the money
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It helps if your monies are fixed amounts. But what this proves to a woman is that you are willing to share risks and benefits only if she would do the same for you.

3. Acquire things together

Most young partners who are not yet married do not live together in Ghana. And that is a bit problematic because these are people who are looking to be married.

When you live together, you tend to share things. So live together and buy that TV, couch or fridge together.

If she already loves you, a woman would not mind buying these things together.

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4. Let her know when you are broke

Men do not like to tell the women they love that they are broke. That is sad but the problem is a big cultural one.

If a woman loves you, she will be there when you are vulnerable. And she would not mind paying up until you are okay.

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