Shatta Wale - Gringo: video, mp3, lyrics and facts

Shatta Wale - Gringo: video, mp3, lyrics and facts

With over 2 million views, Shatta Wale - Gringo song has set the standards of what creativity and good music in Ghana looks like. Shatta has teamed up with a legendary music producer to give us a club banger that will not rent the airwaves for ages. The high-quality production and the dance-hall rhythm is a reflection of the kind of tunes that fans love to hear from Shatta Wale latest songs and not to forget his classic hits. Shatta Wale songs continue to solidly him as a household name in Ghana. However, Gringo elevates him as a musician who can hold his own against international standards. Want to get Gringo lyrics, download its mp3 or watch the video? Then read on to get all this and more.

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Gringo by Shatta Wale

  • Released

Shatta Wale gave his fans a snippet of the Gringo song on his social media page way before the song had a release date.

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The official video was released on April 27th 2018 and was positively received by many of his fans especially those who were looking forward to Shatta Wale latest songs. Just by watching the video and listening to the lyrics you can tell that Shatta Wale tracks especially Gringo has revolutionized the African music industry. Apart from other Shatta Wale albums, Gringo which is from the album; Reign, was the most expensive video the artist has ever done.

Shatta Wale gringo, shatta wale songs, shatta wale latest
  • Record label

Shatta Wale - Gringo song was produced under the label Zylofon Media from the album- Reign. The video features more than ten international casts and is in the form of a short film, which is believed to have been shot in Mexico. Shatter signed into the label early this year where he signed a three-year contract.

  • Genre

Shatter Wale is a dancehall artist, and most of his songs tend to fall in this genre. And Gringo Shatta Wale is no exception as it’s a reggae genre with a heartbeat rhythm. Shatta Wale - Gringo video has a tempo that any reggae fan can relate to. Most reggae songs have an empowering message, and Gringo by Shatta Wale sticks to that script.

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Most African musicians sing in their local dialect and still make a lot of money from this. Shatta Wale has not been left behind and uses his unique voice and captivating lyrics to keep fans entertained. It doesn't matter whether you understand the language or not, Shatta Wale - Gingo mp3 download comes with a beat that can move anyone.

Shatta Wale gringo, shatta wale songs, shatta wale latest
  • Length

Gringo song is a bit long for those who prefer short songs. The video is approximately 7 minutes long (7:06). But you can download Shatta Wale - gringo mp3 which is just 1 minute and 43 seconds (1:43). Despite the long video, the songs act as a form of entertainment especially for those who love songs with a fascinating storyline.

  • Producer

The producer for Shatta Wale hit song Gringo is David Nguyen, and Sesan Ogunro also directed this hit song. Both of them went for a western cowboy theme idea for the video. All the production was done under the Zylofon Media. Sean Ogunro is an accomplished video director who is known internationally.

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Shatta Wale - Gringo reviews and comments

By sticking to a specific genre, you would expect Shatta Wale songs to fade out. But the song continues to enjoy massive airplay not only on Ghanaian radio stations but also TV music stations outside the country including MTVBase. Therefore, to download Shatta Wale - Gringo has become relatively easy. This club banger has become so popular that a few hours after its release it topped various charts.

On the iTunes top 100 reggae songs USA, Gringo ranked position 5.

Shatta Wale gringo, shatta wale songs, shatta wale latest

On the same day of its release, the album Reign debut at number 27 On the US iTunes Top 100 chart. Reign has also charted on various countries including Italy and Brazil. In Italy charts, the album is among the top 100 while in Brazil the album ranked position 42.

Fans both local and international that have either listened to Shatta Wale - Gringo mp3 or watched the video version continue to give positive comments. This goes to show that the afrobeat and dance-hall combination is working for Shatta. The beats are a killer, the lyrics easy to sing along to and the chorus is catchy.

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Some of the famous artists that showed love for the Gringo video was Olamide.

Olamide went to Twitter to praise the Gringo song. Video were even circulations online of him jamming to the song.

Here are some of the reactions for the Gringo video.

Uwagboe ideudia

From Nigeria, this song mad Oooo u win my heart with this song.

Prince Reloaded Adu

No wonder it was number 4 on iTunes USA Reggae Chat and #9 at UK iTunes chat and for more than a week still #1 on iTunes and YouTube Ghana. Historical.

Dranix SoilDust

Shatta Wale Even Tho Am A Fan Of StoneBwoy From Uganda Shatta Wale Good Music Is What Moves Me. 100% Litness. Love From Uganda.

Shirley whitely

I watch this more than 30 times too much Mandingo gringo.

Shatta Wale Gringo lyrics

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Shatta wale gringo, shatta wale song, shatta wale news

What makes this song exceptionally good is the beat, which you can dance to. And the fast pace of the song makes it great for clubbing. However, what separate Gringo from any other Shatta Wale song is the video and the catchy lyrics. The lyrics contain an intro, three verses, a hook. A hook separates the three verses.

Here are the lyrics to the song.


Yeah Joint, jus lemme know when di ting ready

Ah yeah

Mmm, leff dem

[Verse 1]

Shout out to man gringo

Yes gringo, ringo

Wha' happen

Hey Mandingo

Oya make me tell dem

Me never see nuh badman weh ah wear kaba

K3 sugar daddy fey

Am3 k33 maaba

If ah gyal say picture, me nuh say nah, nah

Everybody know me run dis town, yahman

Coolie, coolie we ah smoke inna every corner

Ask 'bout Shatta Movement inna Ghana

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Gyal dema whine when dem hear da number one banger

I like dema twerk

can’t date Gaga


Mi deh yuh still and a mi dem all a talking’ bout

Bad mind, fake friends me see dem walking out

If ah dem mute

I go talk about dancehall now

[Verse 2]

If to haffi really to date a gyal

Me ah go date Cardi B

Woah, gyal so sleek

Gyal body hot like water weh yah bubble inna bath

Mmm, me nuh want to talk

'member every soldier know haffi live inna di bush

Ah we rasta can show you di right kush

You seh unnu ah dancer

Come wit ya coun' nush

If u issa man beat ah gyal - dat ah bush


Mi deh yuh still and a mi dem all a talking’ bout

Bad mind, fake friends me see dem walking out

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If ah dem mute

Mi go talk about dancehall now

[Verse 3]

If ah nah me?

Who ah go talk 'bout it

Kenya, Ghana

If ah gyal seh push

Make sure you push it inna womb

Make sure she ah bark like wuu!

If you got a long cock, make sure you put it inna use

Cuh di woman dem want it used

If you reach out, that's nice

Slow down the dose before unnu ah go meet ???

Bwoy dis ah mi farmland

I nuh wan' see no bwoy fly inna it like a crow

Bwoy watch ya mouth

Watch how you talk, cuz dis badman you see can act very cold


Shatta Wale Gringo download

Shatta Wale gringo, shatta wale songs, shatta wale latest

If you are a loyal fan of Shatta Wale, then you will definitely want to download Shatta Wale - Gringo video. You can choose to either download Gringo Shatta Wale mp3 format or video. What's surprising about the Gringo song is the music video. It has a good Western movie vibes. Even all the actors and Shatta Wale himself dressed the part, which helps to make the Gringo meaning even more authentic.

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You get Shatta Wale - Gringo video download on either of the following sites.

YouTube music: Shatta Wale - Gringo music video is available on YouTube. You can watch it for free. But to download you must have and install specific apps such as YouTube Downloader to

Gringo Shatta Wale mp3 format

Shatta Wale gringo, shatta wale songs, shatta wale latest

You can also stream Shatta Wale - Gringo on Dezeer by downloading or the convenience of space. With the audio version, you can listen to the song privately and at your own convenience. Use the following easily accessible sites to download the audio version of Gringo.

  • Android users who love to download and listen to the latest track can get Shatta Wale - Gringo song here
  • If you have an iPhone or any iOS device, then you can download Gringo - Shatta Wale audio at iTunes by downloading here
  • You can also stream Shatta Wale - gringo on Dezeer by downloading here
  • You can get the free Gringo - Shatta Wale mp3 download at Ghanamotion here
  • The song is also available on Amazon, and you can get the download here
  • Fans who love to listen to GH music can even get Shatta Wale - Gringo audio at Ghana songs simply by downloading here
  • Gringo by Shatta Wale download on Spotify
  • Gringo - Shatta Wale download on SoundCloud

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The concept of the Shatta Wale - Gringo song is on point. From the great visual effects, catchy lyrics and entertaining story line, Shatta has set the bar high for Ghana music. The song is available in so many formats for different devices so there's no reason why you shouldn't give it a listen. Let us know whether you like it or not by leaving a comment below.


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