Kumawood actor Abass - 10 Facts you must know about

Kumawood actor Abass - 10 Facts you must know about

Some called him Abass Nurudeen others called him ‘Blinkz’ A.K.A Junior Mafia. If you don’t know him it’s probably because you are not a lover of African movies and entertainment. The Ghanaian movie powerhouse, Kumawood has produced some big stars – Abass being one of them. Kumawood actor Abass literally lit the Ghanaian movie industry for years before his demise after he succumbed to stabbing wounds in November, 2018.

Kumawood actor Abass

The shift from European and Asian to African action movies has not been a walk in the park. With limited budgets and lack of good equipment makes it difficult to come up with good movies. Yet Kumawood has actually done quite a job in putting Africa on the map when it comes to producing quality entertaining action movies. At the center of this upsurge in African movie entertainment is the late Kumawood actor Abbas. It is a story of a light dimmed so early because the sky seemed to be the limit for this actor. Here are 10 facts that you may not have known about the late actor Abass.

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1. How did Abass Nurudeen die?

According to reports, the Kumawood actor died as he was being taken to hospital. Abass had been stabbed earlier on in Sawaba suburb region in Kumasi. He had gone to his master’s house only to find the master’s wife and her brother exchanging words. The actor’s noble intention to intervene landed him in hot soup as the master’s wife did not take the intervention lightly hence culminating to a fight. The master’s brother in law and another unnamed suspect descended on Blinkz with knives stabbing him and letting him to die. He died as he was being rushed to hospital.

2. When did the actor die?

It is reported that the actor was stabbed and died on Wednesday 7th, of November 2018. Unfortunately he could not make it to hospital otherwise his life might have been saved.

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3. What else did Abass do apart from acting?

Once he started acting, there was no stopping him. Taking advantage of his newly acquired status he became a makeup artist and set designer. As if that was not enough, he ventured into production and was quite successful at it. Abbas was also a worker at Acheamfour Terminal which is evidence of how industrious he was.

4. How old was he when he died?

The actor was 35 years old when he met his death. He was at the peak of his acting career and had no intention to quit.

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5. Was Abass a gang member?

According to the friend of the late actor, Abass was reportedly part of a gang in which the murderer was part but he (Abass) decided to cut ties with them and make peace. Gang members were not happy that the actor had ditched the groups and denounced its violent activities. The late actor's friend indicated that Blinkz was well aware of the dangers of going to certain places alone and was sure to be in the company of others while he visited such places.

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6. Was Abass Nurudeen dating when he died?

It seems that the actor was not dating but was happily married. It is alleged that a woman said to be his wife was seen breaking down in tears while paying her last respect at the burial.

7. Did Abass have any children?

In as much as some celebrities showcase their families in the public limelight, others tend to keep such matters a secret. Prior to his death, it was difficult to tell whether the actor had any children. However, a rare picture from his funeral shows a young boy who has been speculated to be his son. The boy was sitting on the laps of a woman who appeared to be wiping his tears with a white handkerchief. His facial expression is, indeed sad, and it is a sad thing also for such a young boy to lose his father at a tender age.

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8. How close was Abass to his mother?

Again, celebrities do not really want the public knowing about their personal life but recent events have shed light on the relationship between the fallen star and his mother. Abass usually played roles of the bad-boy or criminal in his movies but in real life he must have been a caring and loving family man. It seems the actor and his mother had a great bond as occasioned by manner in which she has been heartbroken by the loss.

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9. What was the religion of the actor?

Mr. Abass Nurudeen was a faithful Muslim who never abandoned his religion. After his death, he was buried the following day according to the Muslim customs.

10. Who was the man that stabbed Abass to death?

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The killer had initially been unidentified but police later released a picture of the suspect. According to reports his name is Sumaila Tijani and he was eventually arrested pending further investigations. The police confirmed that the suspect was found in a hideout in the municipality of Tafo-Pankrono in a place called Atimatim.

The loss of Kumawood actor Abass is a huge blow to the Ghanaian movie industry and fans as well. As many come to terms with his death, he will be remembered by his work. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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