Shatta Wale – SM Cultural Anthem: video, mp3 and facts

Shatta Wale – SM Cultural Anthem: video, mp3 and facts

You surely cannot love GH music and hate Shatta Wale. The King of Shatta Movement and one of the most respected multi award winner dancehall artist in Ghana has released yet another banger which he titles SM Cultural Anthem. Shatta Wale Cultural Anthem is just but a few days old but has attracted a lot of positive comments and is definitely ruling the Ghanaian streets already. As usual, Shatta takes any opportunity to brag about his movement and he has not failed to do so in this one. If you want to know more about the song’s lyrics, its mp3 and how to get it on YouTube music, read on as this article brings you just that. It is my hope that this article will be satisfactory in bringing you all you need to know about one of the King’s latest songs.

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Shatta Wale – SM Cultural Anthem


Shatta Wale – SM Cultural Anthem is just a few days old despite the fact that it is ruling the streets. It was officially released on 14th November and has registered over 30,000 views already.

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For now, Cultural Anthem is available in audio format with anticipation of a video coming out soon. The fact that the song is just a few days old means that there is still a lot to expect. We all hope that the video will be worth the wait to make one of the latest songs in Ghana trend even more.


Shatta Wale is celebrated for being an artist that can sing practically anything from hihop, dancehall, hiplife, afro pop and afrobeat to mention a few. In fact, this particular song makes one of Shatta Wale 2018 Jama genre songs.


The audio slide takes 3:24 minutes to play. This is a considerable amount of time for a song of its caliber. It is not too long and neither is it too short.


Like all other Shatta Wale songs 2018, the SM Cultrual Anthem is associated with the Shatta Movement Empire which he runs.

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This excellent song by Shata Wale was produced by Paq who clearly did a great job. The song is sure to attract a considerable amount of viewership because of Shatta Wale, but that is not all. The fact that it is Shatta Wale latest hit song is just one reason. The song is loved for a lot more reasons that you will soon find out.

One of these is the fast tempo of the song which makes it danceable and very catchy. One would not be surprised if they found themselves singing along to the song. In addition to that, the genre of the song is quite different from what many are used to from Shatta. This is a big thing, as we all got get to see the other side of the dancehall king. The combination of the beats and the lyrics make the song an instant killer. If you are a fan of Shatta Wale songs you will definitely agree that the king did not disappoint with his latest hit.

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Shatta Wale – SM Cultural Anthem lyrics

Ghana music

Keep up with Shatta Wale news to learn the lyrics to his newest song. Even without a video yet, one can easily tell that this is going to be one of the highest GH music download in the coming weeks. This being one of his latest tracks, king Shatta seems to have gone all out to praise his movement, as he always does.

Shatta Wale – SM Cultural Anthem audio download

If you have ever accessed Shatta Wale songs download then you know how easy it is. Being that this song is currently only available in audio format and an audio slide on YouTube, you may want to know where to get the mp3 download. Here are a few reliable sites that you can trust.

  • Get Shatta Wale mp3 on sound cloud where you can listen to it or download it if you prefer by clicking here.
  • You can also get the audio version of the song at Ghana motion by clicking here.
  • Another Shatta Wale download audio version of this song can be found on ghxclusives by clicking here.
  • You can also get a free mp3 of the song at Ghana songs by clicking here.

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Shatta Wale – SM Cultural Anthem video download

While we all wait for the video download option of this song, those who want to get the audio slide on YouTube can download it as you do a video. First make sure that you have a YouTube downloader or ensure that your internet download manager is working fine. Then:

On YouTube: Shatta Wale - SM Cultural Anthem (Audio Slide)

Shatta continues to make Ghana music worthwhile by releasing hit after hit. He also caters for the need of all types of music lovers covering different preferences and genres which makes him a true king in the industry. Shatta Wale Cultural Anthem may be one of his latest songs, but is one that continues to prove that Shatta is definitely a force to reckon with in Ghana music scenes. It is my hope that you can now get the audio slide and mp3 version of the song with ease. This is one of the songs that will continue to garner more views and likes as time goes by. Listen to it and let us know in the comment section below if you feel the same or have a different view. We would like to know what you feel about the song.

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