Cool and funny videos 2019

Cool and funny videos 2019

Funny videos have a way of finding themselves online. There are numerous videos on YouTube that will get you laughing and holding your stomach. These make a fantastic treat for those days that you are tensed probably because you have so much going on but hardly enough time to get everything done. What you need is a good laugh to loosen up and re-strategize. If this sounds like you, consider watching the following funny videos in Ghana. You will thank us for making your day.

Funny videos

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Funny videos have a way of making people forget their miseries and worries, at least for a moment. Getting yourself a collection that can help you escape a world of pressure is always a good idea. After all, they say that laughing will make you add a few hours to your days. Whether this is true or not, true deep laughter is something that every person deserves, at least once in a while. Kill your boredom and gloom by watching some of the funniest videos that have been seen in Ghana this year.

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Funny videos to watch out for

The past years have seen the release of funny videos Ghana clips that will make you love being African. While some people argue that these could be staged for performance, the way they are captured leaves you sure that they are actually real. Whatever side of the divide you are at, one thing remains true, these videos will get you laughing. Check them out.

1. Street quiz are you a male or female?

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This is one of the best funny videos in Ghana. Get to see how people confuse the difference between gender, sex and whether they are male or female. Laugh as you watch how people fumble over words that would have been otherwise considered simple words. The reactions will make you laugh even more. Get to marvel at how people are unaware of the simplest things as they fail to get the true meaning of the word unisex.

2. Is there gravity in Africa? The answers will shock you.

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Check out this video and wonder as people give the most absurd answers to this simple question. Laugh at how people think gravity is something that is linked to the government, leadership and the economy as they struggle to explain its lack as being caused by corruption. You will laugh as you realize how people think that gravity is some sort of innovation. The fact that those answering are serious makes it even more interesting and funny. Even so, you will discover brilliant people who actually know what gravity is even as you laugh at the people that associate the lack of gravity with evil. Some answers are just so dumb that you will not hold your laughter.

3. Who is Donald Trump?

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Laugh at some of the most absurd answers from Africa about Trump. You will laugh as some think of him as a footballer with some even going as far as giving him positions in the football team. The answer of him being a man will definitely crack you most. While some know that he is president, some of the answers will make you laugh till you cry as they think he is president of Turkey and even Nigeria. However, there are many who know that he is president of the USA. This is one of the funny videos from Ghana that will definitely crack you up. I would rank this as one of the best street quiz sessions this year. Go further and get yourself some more laughter as people stumble with alphabet letters yet they have been learning them from kindergarten days.

4. Who wrote the bible

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Watch as people give funny answers as who wrote the Bible. Some people think it was Desmond Tutu while others think it was Nebucardenezar. Laugh at how people do some pretty fantastic guess work that you will make you wonder what goes on in their heads.

5. Uncle why are you speaking in tongues uncle?

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Laugh at this Mark Angel production where what goes around comes around. This is one of the funny videos 2018 unleashed. The neighbor pretending to be so filled with the Holy Spirit sees things go wrong for him when he finally comes out of his 7 day fast and desires food from a neighbor he had earlier ignored. In the same way that he refused to respond to his greetings and answered as if he was filled by the Holy Spirit, his good neighbor gives him a measure of his own medicine by responding in the same manner when he finally wants food from him. You will laugh at this twist of things.

6. Manchelor

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Get to know why Emmanuella and Mark Angel are good at what they do. Watch as Emmanuella embarrasses the uncle in this clip. She manages to make this video real as she goes out of the script and still manages to make you laugh as she tells the uncle to go and marry. You will laugh your heart out. This is one of the funny videos by Emmanuella you will come across.

7. Be amazed at the answers people give when asked about the internet.

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You must check out this sample of funny videos short clip. If you thought you know everything about the internet then you must be in for it. The answers in this clip will leave you amazed at just how much people know. The reactions to the video are epic. You will laugh even more as you appreciate the talent that went into putting this clip together.

The above funny videos will leave you laughing and will surely make your day. In case you feel bored and tired on any particular day, consider these videos for the entertainment of a lifetime. You will laugh so hard that you can even cry. Have a great time as you laugh and get your happiness back.



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