Fashion design – courses, jobs and salaries in Ghana

Fashion design – courses, jobs and salaries in Ghana

Is fashion design your dream career? If so, what fashion design jobs are available in Ghana and what are their respective salaries? Do you really need to pursue any course before you become a fashion designer? It’s no secret that the fashion industry is hard to break into. Fashion design is a highly competitive field which calls for helpful ideas to guide individuals on important aspects such as courses, jobs and what they should expect in terms of salary ranges. If you want to stand out as a fashion designer in Ghana, there is no excuse for you not to have a look at this article. It will update you on the education and preparation necessary to become a fashion designer.

Fashion design course

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A flair for style and passion for fashion are just the right recipes for a career in fashion design. Fashion designers have to exploit their creative and technical skills to create clothes and accessories that stand out. Fashion designers in Ghana must be more than that. Their clothes can give people a feeling of confidence and power. At the same time, they can be comforting. All these said, designing clothes as a full-time job may be every fashionista’s dream, but many people do not know that a lot goes into the job than picking swatches or figuring out the right color combination. Fashion designers have a duty to stay up to date when it comes to trends.

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Fashion design courses

The best way to become a fashion designer is to become a suitable course. Apart from giving you skills, a fashion designer course imparts you with a whole lot of knowledge that will keep you going. The good thing with fashion design in Ghana is that you can easily find a course based on your education level so it does not have to be a college degree. However, an undergraduate degree is recommended if a rounded experience is what you are looking for. If you are short on time or money consider shorter courses. Also consider a particular specialization in an area you are interested in such as footwear, menswear, womenswear or accessories. Careers in fashion design in Ghana include Clothing design, Fashion design, Fashion writer/journalist, Fashion merchandising, Patent making, And Product management. Below are the most popular fashion design courses in Ghana:

  • Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design
  • Certificate programs: Fashion studio, Certificate in Computer Aided Fashion Designing & Pattern Making,
  • Diploma: Professional Diploma in Fashion Design.
  • Professional certificate courses: Professional Certificate in Garment Construction, Professional Certificate in Textile Design.

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Fashion design jobs

There are many employment opportunities for individuals with an interest in the fashion industry as occasioned by the demand for fashion design dresses for the red carpet. Such opportunities can be available in many different sectors and may involve working in export houses where you are in charge of textile, garment or even handloom exports, working in the retail and wholesaling of garments such as sportswear, haute couture, government employment in the textile manufacturing industry, fashion show organizing and publishing, fashion program production in TV and film, and teaching.

As you can see there is no shortage of fashion design jobs in the Ghanaian market. All you have to do is choose the market segment you want to target and come up with the right product. Here are some of the course-specific careers you might pursue in fashion design:

  • Professional certificate course jobs: Textile designer, Tie and Bye Specialist, Fabric printing expert, self-employment
  • Diploma fashion design jobs: Fashion merchandisers, Fashion retailers, Fashion coordinators, Fashion forecasters, Fashion industry quality control, Production management, Floor management, Visual Merchandising, Textile design, Fashion illustrators, Fashion teaching.
  • Certificate holder jobs: Marker making, Pattern grading, 3d Product visualization

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Popular fashion design schools in Ghana

fashion design course

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Ghana has no shortage of schools when it comes to fashion design. The list for such schools is endless and all of them offer market-based competitive courses. Some of the popular schools are:

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Top fashion design skills

It is obvious that fashion designers must stand out from the rest of the jobs. This cannot be possible if one lacks the right skills for the job. Below are some of the most important skills for one to survive and thrive in this field:

  • Creative and artistic
  • Being original and inventing new ideas
  • Sensitivity to colors is a must have because shades and tones might ruin your career
  • Ability to visualize things in three dimensions and translate the same into garments
  • Key communication skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sketching
  • Market analysis

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Fashion design average salaries in Ghana

Because many fashion design courses lead to self-employment, it is difficult to point out the exact salary for professionals in this field. Even those who are employed in various agencies have to negotiate their salaries based on their reputation, business acumen, and the size of the hiring company, fashion design course and terms of the contract. One is always advised to enter the fashion world not for money but for passion.

In as much as money matters if you follow your passion you are likely to be more contented and then money will follow. Based on Linked in statistics, the median salary of a fashion designer is $65,000 per year. It is also difficult to estimate wages the official national average salary has not been provided. On the Paylab Ghana website, for instance, they have recorded the official national Brutto average salary in Ghana in the Textile, Leather, and Apparel Industry as 0.00 GHS.

Now that you know what it takes to have a career in the fashion design industry you just have to make a couple of choices. The first question you might want to ask yourself is whether self-employment is for you. Working for a company may mean regular hours with a predictable schedule. If your choice is a contract or working as a freelancer you will be deciding the jobs to take and those not to take. This also means you will be having the burden of finding your own business.

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