Is John Cena dead or are these just rumours?

Is John Cena dead or are these just rumours?

Is John Cena dead? What was he suffering from? Where will he be buried? Those are some of the latest questions that come to your mind when you hear about the WWE superstar. This post has cleared the air about this multi-talented individual. Read on to know more.

Is John Cena dead
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Word spreads like wildfire on the internet especially when it is about a celebrity. People have this uncanny habit of believing a lie that is repeated several times. It is therefore advisable to counter check your sources and get credible information before you start mourning. Here is all you need to know.

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Is John Cena really dead?

The success of social media and the internet in general attributes to inform people instantly as opposed to traditional media. Social media is easy to share information anywhere in the world and can be difficult to regulate or control such information. Here, most of us learn current affairs from all over the world. There is a sea of rumours on social media, some true others false. Public figures become even more popular thanks to social media but even then, they can easily become subjects of ‘internet murders’.

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John Cena’s death hoax keeps being reinvented. You can always find the topic on top social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and FaceBook claiming that the celebrity lost his life in a car accident or in some other way. Cena has come out several times to assure his fans that he is alive. As a matter of fact, his ex Nikki Bella shared a romantic photo of the two together recently on Instagram. The Instagram photo was shared during Thanksgiving Day.

Is John Cena dead?
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NikkiBella had this to say on thanksgiving day on her Instagram page.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for so many wonderful things in my life as well as so many incredible people in my life. So thankful for my family and best friends, always there when I need them, the women I share the WWE ring with, such an amazing group of hard working, passionate women that together started an Evolution, my Total Bellas and Total Divas production team, crew and glam squad, they all work so hard all year long and do it all away from their families, love you all!, all the amazing people I work with at WWE, so many of them inspire me, teach me and help me grow in business, to all the sunsets I have enjoyed, all the lessons I have learned, to the good and bad days, to my life coach and the people around her that give me strength and smiles to take on the unknown, to the people that invest so much time and faith into my sister and I, to my Belle Radici partners for making myself and Brie’s dreams come true in the wine industry, to my Birdiebee team for working so incredibly hard around the clock and bringing mine and Brie’s vision to life, to the Bella Army for their love and support, it’s unlike any other fandom out there, to all the brave men and women in our military, to our firefighters and policemen and women as well. I’m so beyond thankful for each and everyone of you!

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Also, John Cena tweeted on November 28, 2018 on his verified Twitter account. So to answer the question, John Cena is very much alive.

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To all those who might have been tempted to believe the rumour, the celebrity has not died. If such news were to be true the announcement would have been on the official WWE website. The wrestling governing body often announces the death of their stars and accords them their final respects through tributes. Also, if the "John Cena dead news" was true then his wrestling fixtures could also be cancelled.


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