12 best sites where to download series for free

12 best sites where to download series for free

We all love entertainment but when it comes at a cost many people tend to retreat and find alternative things to do. We have all had our mood spoiled by finding our favorite series on a site only to realize we cannot watch it until we pay. And then there is the problem of paying and find that your connection is not good enough to download or even stream. Why let such challenges ruin your day? We’ve decided to help you sort this problem by providing a list of 12 best sites to download series for free.

Sites to download series for free

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What could be more irritating than opening your browser and attempt to download a series from many download sites but fail? It’s a simple task but only if you know the right sites to download free movies. Unfortunately, there is a sea of series download sites many of which are illegal. Sometimes you might be successful to download a series but you will be subjecting your device and yourself to a lot of risks. These illegal sites are usually a gateway to a tone of malware so be warned. Sometimes you might think you have eliminated such a problem by using free online torrent sites.

There can be no worse way of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Torrent sites are good but they will most likely get you in legal trouble. Furthermore, you might use a torrent site today and the next minute you can’t find it because it has been deleted by Google. The only solution is identifying the many legal sites that provide a free series download. Here are 12 best sites that might help you download your favourite series:

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the best sources through which people can you look for and enjoy any kind of videos. The advantage of YouTube is that is accessible from anywhere in the world. The only thing you require is an internet connection and you are good to go. Here, there are thousands of free movies and series. You can always find software for downloading series from YouTube.com. You just have to look for a software that doesn’t require you to add an extension or install other third-party packages. After this, you will visit YouTube and search for popular channels that may contain the series you are looking for.

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2. Retrovision

A visit to this site opens up a world of many classics and TV shows. The variety of content on this site is very diverse. What’s more, this source for series has an android app that goes by the name Classic UHF. This app can be used to grab and watch content on the go. It is a growing trend where many sites are creating free movie apps to help people access tailored content quickly. Retrovision.TV is genre specific which makes it very user-friendly when searching for series.

3. The Roku Channel

Sites to download series for free

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This popular site comes with a free streaming channel websites for downloading movies. Many people believe that Roku can only be accessed only if you have Roku hardware but this is not the case. You can easily access the channel from any device. This movie site boasts of hosting many popular films and series. To make it easier for people visiting the site, Roku.com has arranged its content in various categories based on genre. The content is updated regularly and all you have to do is sign up and enjoy the free collection. Because this site was originally made for users in the US, those from other countries can access the site by a VPN.

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4. Crackle

Crackle is a free series downloading site owned by Sony. Sony produces its own movies and series so naturally, you access lots of series and entertainment here to watch. All that is demanded from you is a simple signup and creation of a watchlist of your favourite series. The site has an interesting feature that recommends content for you based on your priorities and preferences. This site offers more content for free as opposed to many sites. However, to pay for these free services users have to be tolerant of ads and commercials.

5. Open Culture

As the name may suggest, openculture.com is open to a variety of content ranging from free series, movies, online courses and free language lessons. Open Culture has been around since 2006 and has its content differentiated by 6 major sections. These sections are Movies, online courses, Language Lessons, e-Books, Textbooks, Audiobooks. As you can see this is a great site to visit as it entertains and educates you. If you are only interested in the movies and series section, you can access more than 1,150 movies .

6. MoviesFoundOnline

Moviesfoundonline.com is a great place to find free movies and other videos online. To make your search easier, it filters content to display the most viewed videos and recent uploads to the site. MoviesFoundOnline is a host for thousands of free movies such as cult classics, documentaries and comedy. It is where you can find public domain movies and has strict observance of copyrights.

Sites to download series for free

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7. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix.com is a free movie streaming website. The site is a product of the Screen Media Ventures. Here you can access lots of public domain movie content and other original productions. Content on the site can easily be accessed from any device without the need to spend a single shilling. Series found on the site fall into different categories such as drama, comedy, action, documentary, and horror among others. It is popular for TV shows and a full National Geographic series catalog.

8. Classic Cinema Online

Classiccinemaonline is dedicated to fans of classic cinema. If you are one of them, you wouldn’t know what you have been missing until you visit the site. Classic Cinema Online allows you to download the content and helps you use the sorting feature available. The site is actually very easy and straightforward to use.

9. Kanopy

Kanopy.com is yet another site free movie download site. To access the collection of movies and series on this site one is required to have a library card. These cards are issued by various campuses and public libraries all over the world. Each library gives access to different content one can access.

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10. Vimeo

Vimeo.com is very similar to YouTube. It has a great collection of free movies and series to offer. Vimeo also allows you to host, share and view videos. The site is highly recommended due to its clean layout making it safe for those downloading content. Here you get access to many free independent movies, series, and documentaries. The site also has a special section where visitors can pay for on-demand content.

11. Yahoo View

Yahooview.com makes it to the list of credible sites where one can access free series to download. Yahoo’s movie section can be accessed outside of the United States by using a VPN. Its online movie content is sorted in a clean interface thus making it easy for viewers to interact with it. It’s upon the individual to select a genre from the variety provided. Here you can find great series, movies, and documentaries. If you see a free movie or series here get your hands to it quickly because they are often placed on the site for a limited duration before their time lapses.

12. Hulu

Hulu.com is another great site to download movies with unrivaled services. There is a free account but it only gives you access to limited content. Subscribers get to enjoy free series movies, TV episodes, and documentaries. The site is also supported by apps for Android and iOS.

These are just 12 of the best websites to download tv series for free in 2019. There are probably thousands of other great sites you can visit for the same purpose. We can, however, guarantee that the sites we have listed are sources of great collections of series. We would greatly recommend you to use any of the above to enjoy your favourite series collection.

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