How to think like a man?

How to think like a man?

Ever wondered the reasoning behind the statement, "Women are from Venus and men from Mars"? Do males and females think the same? You would probably think they do. However, they do not. During the upbringing of children, boys are brought up in a different manner from girls. As a result, great differences emerge between boys and girls as they grow into adulthood. Among the noticeable differences is the thinking pattern of males. If you are a male wondering how to think like a man, here is the place to be. If you are a female wondering how the males think, this article is specifically designed for you. Here are some tips on how to think like a man.

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There are different avenues where thinking like a man comes in handy, such as at the place of work and while in a relationship, let us examine these areas.

Thinking like a man at the place of work

Numerous people consider their places of work as a second home. The reasoning behind this is because most spend most of their time in their places of work when they are not at home. It is therefore very important to understand how to think like a man at the place of work. If you are looking for tips on how to think like a man at work, look no more. Below are some of the ways in which one can think like a man at the workplace.

1. Create boundaries

Effective boundaries at work can be achieved when you stop considering and thinking of your colleagues at work as your friends. In most cases, men tend not to worry so much about how those close to them are thinking or feeling. Co-workers anticipate fairness, sincerity as well as trustworthiness from their fellow coworkers. Failure to achieve this often leads to misunderstanding and dissatisfaction. Therefore, to think like a man, one ought to create and maintain boundaries in the workplace.

When people interact on a daily basis, there is a likelihood of getting comfortable around each other. As a result, such people may end up losing respect for their fellow colleagues. Eventually, they may interfere with the other's privacy thus causing both confusion and disappointment. Therefore, to avoid such adverse effects, it is advisable to create boundaries and be keen to adhere to them.

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2. Have your say

Whether you are holding a meeting with the board members, departmental members or briefing a small set of individuals, express your points of view to them. In a majority of the cases, men always speak out in large assemblies as a way of preserving their social reputations. In addition, they are able to exhibit their vocal capabilities. To think like a man, always narrate a captivating story, tell a joke, or present a business report to prove your rhetoric expertise and how knowledgeable you are in factual matters.

When a person lacks the ability to express themselves, they end up missing out on various issues and opportunities. For instance, such individuals may fail to speak out an idea that could have otherwise been vital to certain roles such as decision making. As a result, their non-participation makes them be seen as joyriders and they are, therefore, not considered whenever important decisions regarding the company are made.

3. Be objective

Women communicate in ways that enhance friendship. On the other hand, men put their focus on the objective of their communication. To think like a man, one has to pay less attention to the listener’s feeling but rather focus on putting across the main objective. Therefore, it is necessary to restrict oneself to the main purpose of communication, based on facts rather than emotions.

In a majority of the times, emotions are always misleading. Acting or speaking out of impulse may make one undertake tasks or speak out words that he or she should have not done or said. Consequently, such behaviors are not beneficial and might also cause regrets in the future. For that reason, it is necessary to always root your communication on facts and the main objective to avoid emotional interference.

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4. Be bold

A bold person shows the willingness to ensure that things are correctly done in the middle of all the risks involved. In the place of work, a man acts boldly through taking risks that could, in turn, lead to embarrassment or an interference with their reputation. A bold person always defends and speaks up when others are mistreated.

In any company, organization or any other place of work, unfair treatment may arise, especially to a certain minority group like the newly employed staff, the interns, or those with lower positions. When such individuals face harassment or discrimination, it is wise to be bold and defend them amidst the risk involved.

5. Embrace your abilities

When a new opportunity such as a new job position or a more demanding responsibility arises or when you are interested in a pay raise, be explicit in telling it to your manager or supervisor. While others may see it as being pushy or demanding, be assertive and believe in your capabilities. Men not only think they deserve the opportunity in such a situation but they also go forth to seek it.

We are all good at something and extremely bad at another. Your strengths always come in handy when you are fulfilling various duties at the workplace. It is a good practice to always embrace your abilities and use them positively in attaining workplace success. When a promotion occurs in your line of strength, you should courageously go forward to pursue it.

6. Acknowledge your limits

In case of excess work or a project that you are not comfortable doing, always say no. Women have the tendency of thinking that declining hard tasks is a sign of weakness or laziness. To think like a man, you have to get over such trends and discover that saying no and meaning it is not a show of laziness but rather of self-respect and strength.

We all have our breaking point. This is the point where you can take no more and thus you choose to retreat. Acknowledging your points of weakness is a sign of strength. Being able to defend and stand firm on your grounds in regard to a task that is beyond your abilities is significant. The ability to say no to that which is beyond us is even more important.

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Thinking like a man in a relationship

In a relationship, several features can be used to characterize how to think like a man. In a relationship, and especially a romantic one, the male should think in a certain way that differentiates them from the female. It is necessary for men to know how to properly think like a man and for the women; it is insightful to understand how men think. The following are the ways in which one could think like a man in a relationship:

1. Be honest

In a relationship, you should be always honest both to yourself and to your partner. For instance, if you think it is time to take your relationship to the next level, you should let your partner be aware of your thoughts. On the other hand, if you want to have a casual relationship, always ensure that the other person knows the type of relationship they are in.

It is quite dangerous when two partners in a relationship are on different pages. One might be considering the relationship casual while the other is very serious and about to move it to the next level. To avoid such conflicting scenarios, honesty comes in handy.

2. Be open

Men never drop hints or beat around the bush. While women have a higher tendency of dancing around the topic or expressing their point of view in more subtle ways as compared to their male counterparts, men always state their thoughts in a direct way. To think like a man, be open and share your thoughts in a way that is less ambiguous.

In any relationship, openness is an indicator of trust among the involved parties. When a relationship is deprived of openness, it can be very painful to the other partners since trust is deemed as missing. In a dialogue, being open leads to fruitful and effective communication which translates to a healthier relationship.

3. Practice spatial skills

People possess different types of intelligence. While some display abilities in reasoning, others display verbal abilities or memory abilities. To think like a man, one should portray spatial intelligence that gives someone the capability to offer judgment through visualizing using the mind’s eye.

Unlike women, the ability to envision and remember new spaces or objects is higher in men. The brain area that performs the role of processing visual information is thinner in men than in women.

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4. Be happy, always

In life, happiness is a key factor needed to live a healthy and a longer life. Always engage in activities that bring you happiness rather than those that make you sad. Never go to bed angry. To achieve this, always strive to solve issues that make you prone to sadness. Additionally, avoid people or situations that have a likelihood of robbing away your happiness.

Happiness is vital to achieving many things in a relationship. True happiness is found in loving the other partner and making the deliberate choice to stay happy. Our daily lives are made up of relationships; therefore, partners who are happy always lead a healthy relationship.

5. Do not worry

Both the male and female are prone to worry. However, women tend to continue with their worries even after the males have stopped worrying. To be able to think like a man, always let go of petty issues that arise in the relationship. To avoid too much worry, always find a distraction that will keep you actively engaged.

Sometimes, people tend to worry so much about things and situations which they cannot change. In the end, they are left drained of their energy and time. You should, therefore, avoid worrying about the things you can hardly control. On the contrary, you should aim at creating your own worry-free environment that will lead to a healthy relationship.

6. Prove your independence

Knowing that your partner can take care of themselves is a great factor in the relationship. One key element that can help one to feel and live independent is financial security. In most cases, women provide additional income while the men act as the main source of income. To think like a man, you should strive to build and maintain an independent life.

Financial security gives you a wide range of opportunities with little or no limitations at all. Financial security not only makes you feel independent but also in control of the choices you make concerning expenditure.

7. Be self-confident

The ability to take care of oneself whether in their social life or while at work is a sign of self-confidence. To think like a man, you should be secure of yourself as well as your capabilities. One can build their self-confidence by thinking positively at all times and accepting and believing in your personal experiences, skills, and abilities. As a result, one achieves a better relationship and a great connection with their partner.

Self-confidence stands taller than all other aspects in a relationship. You should put more focus on taking care of yourself by showing yourself that you are of great value. It is only after gaining the ability to appreciate and believe in yourself that you will be able to appreciate and believe in your partner too.

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8. Track your emotions

In an argument, the first instinct dictates storming out, weeping or yelling, do not do these. Women are highly keen on articulating and recalling emotions. Therefore, to think like a man, always compress the abrupt emotional instincts.

One of the things that make a person emotionally distressed is the lack of harmony, disparities, as well as unsettled issues from the past or even the present. Consequently, such distress may make one more emotional and less rational. It is, therefore, necessary to always put your sentiments in check.

9. Let go of details

Women have a tendency of recalling petty specifics that their male counterparts always let go of. Men are usually quick to forget small moments such as fights or offhand remarks. To think like a man, avoid too much obsession with undesirable involvements. In addition, be willing to let go of the minor things arising in the relationship.

While some details are worth keeping, others only prove harmful to the partners and the relationship as well. Negative details will constantly lead to fights and arguments which are not healthy in a relationship. And so, continually forget about the petty details that could negatively affect your relationship.

10. Focus less on appearance

In this century, women are engulfed with pervasive information that dictates that they should appear perfect. On the contrary, men are not under any pressure to obey certain superficially set beauty and appearance standards. To think like a man, always learn to embrace and accept both your appearance and your body. Therefore, do not fuss over minor things like your imperfections.

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Now you know what it means to think like a man. The most important aspect is to always embrace your personality, strengths, and abilities. Before you start to think like a man, you must first understand what men think about in diverse contexts. Take that bold step and start thinking the manly way.

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