Best sex tips for marriage life

Best sex tips for marriage life

Sex is a topic that easily catches anyone’s attention. People either want to read or talk about it, and married couples are no exception. The reason for this is that people are curious to learn more about sex because it is an endless topic in which there is always a new thing to uncover and probably try. Therefore, whether you have amazing sex in your marriage life or whether you are sex-starved, this article is meant to help you learn something new as it explores the best sex tips for marriage life.

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Sex is a very important element of marriage life. It is one of the major things that hold most marriages in place. Therefore, a married couple that is always curious to learn new things about sex is able to keep the passion of sex alive in their marriage, as well as prevent its frequency from dwindling.

Here are some important sex tips to keep away sexual starvation from your marriage.

1. Keep a schedule for sex

Marriage life is fairly busy compared to dating life. It involves the scheduling of various activities such as children’s play dates, doctor’s appointments, and so on. Therefore, it is equally important for a married couple to schedule sex as well. This scheduling should involve foresight and planning in order to create quality experiences.

2. Talk about your sexual fantasies

Married couples are advised not to keep their latest sexual interests and fantasies to themselves. Instead, they should discuss them with their spouses in order to build a stronger sense of connection and foster deeper intimacy.

3. Cuddle and make-out more

Cuddling and kissing is the foundation of romance. These actions express passion, desire, and they lead to more intimacy most times. Married couples should engage in more kissing and cuddling because it translates to amazing sex. It also makes each of the partners feel wanted by the other.

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4. Have more fun in the bedroom

In marriage, you are allowed to go to the extremes to bring a sparkle in your sex life. Therefore, why not add some more wild fun? You can do this by adding things like handcuffs, blindfolds, and sex toys in your bedroom affairs. These tools are an easy way to introduce some kink into your marriage sex life. Blindfolds take away the sense of sight, thereby heightening the other four senses. This means that every touch and breath is much more intense. In addition, they reduce inhibitions and offer more freedom. However, before the introduction of these objects, a couple should be in agreement about them. They should also ensure that they are both comfortable using them. More fun can also be achieved through strip teases; these show that you can put up a romantic show for your partner.

5. Try new positions

New sex positions for married couples boost their desire to have sex more often. The ability to explore new positions for a married couple shows that they are comfortable exploring their sexuality as partners. You can use the internet to search for sex positions and discover the ones that you have never tried.

6. Turn on the lights

Visual stimulation is particularly important for men. You might have heard the phrase ‘men are visual beings’, right? Well, turning on the lights when having sex can turn out to be mind-blowing and satisfactory for both partners. So, the next time your spouse goes to turn off the lights, you could stop them and say that you want to see them. If they are hesitant or shy, you may dim the lights for a start.

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7. Try a new location

The most common sexual fantasy for many people is having sex in out-of-the-norm locations. These could include pools, somewhere outdoors, in the shower, in a hot tub, in a car, and so on. As a married couple, you need to explore other locations other than your usual place. If you are used to doing it in the house, you could try a hotel or somewhere else where your privacy will be guaranteed. You could also try doing it in other places in your house that you may find appealing.

8. Involve creativity in your foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of sexual life. It is important that you and your spouse do not allow yourselves to fall into your usual foreplay routine. You need to do the things that you have not done before. For example, you could walk around the house nude before making love or explore other erogenous zones you have not explored before. You could also get playful with your partner, maybe deny them sex before finally giving in or even talking dirty. This could be part of the foreplay that turns on your spouse.

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9. Create an intimate setting

Another sex tip that could work well for your marriage sex life is the creation of intimate settings when making love. This could be including sweet smelling candles in the room, soft lighting and a sprinkle of roses, romantic music background, or aphrodisiacs. This romantic setting is likely to set the mood for intimacy for a married couple. It could also remind them of the times when they were dating, thereby bringing back good memories. Such intimate settings show initiative and are likely to be highly appreciated. While it might not be possible to do this every time you are getting together with your spouse, you can try it every once in a while.

10. Watch erotic videos or films together

Another way that you can spice up things in the bedroom with your spouse is by watching erotic films or videos together. This can be a good source of ideas for new styles that you can try. In addition, such films put you in a mood for sex with your spouse. Apart from watching these films and videos, you could also consider reading erotic works together. This could also help you as a married couple to learn new things that could improve your bedroom affairs.

11. Be loving

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To love and to make love – there is a difference there. People can make love without being actually loving. Show your love in practical ways to your spouse. Do it regularly outside the bedroom. Learn his or her language of love and do little things to please your partner.

12. Learn your partner's anatomy

Both men and women should know how the body of the opposite gender works. Men, it is not enough to do your business quickly and get it over and done with! Take your time to caress your lady and do everything she needs to get aroused and have an orgasm. Yes, males and females function differently, so learn to be a really good lover. That is your job.

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Making use of these sex tips for any married couple can improve the physical and emotional connection between you and your lover. It can also help couples get closer and bring back the spark in their marriage. Nevertheless, married couples should always remember that communication is the background of a successful sexual life. They should always communicate their thoughts, fantasies, and needs with their spouse because communication is the foundation for trying out the tips provided above.

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