How to write a proposal in Ghana

How to write a proposal in Ghana

Learning how to write a proposal is an invaluable skill that you need to master especially if you work in an industry where you will be required to write proposals regularly. Proposal writing is a skill that you need not only to excel in your schooling but also to support your ideas at the work place, especially if you are looking to get funds that must be approved by a board or authorities other than yourself. As such, this skill is useful regardless of the field that you work in. Whether you are in management or engineering, learning how to write a proposal efficiently is a skill that is invaluable. This article seeks to make the proposal-writing process easier for anyone who would like to master the skill of writing a convincing proposal.

How to write a proposal

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Proposal writing may be what stands between you and the funds you need complete a project that you are passionate about. It is crucial, therefore, to understand how to properly write a winning proposal. Consider this article as a guide to doing this.

Proposal writing steps

To write a good proposal, you should follow these steps.


Every great proposal must show that you thought about the entire piece before you actually wrote it. This means that you need to plan beforehand. In your preparation, think about your target audience and define them. Understanding your audience will help you focus your proposal’s content in a manner that is more effective. It will help you use the correct tone when addressing the issues. Also, as part of your preparation, you need to define your issue in a manner that it is as clear to your reader just as it is to you. Next, you need to have a clear solution to the problem. Write this in an easy to follow manner. Choose a style that is correct depending on the person who will be reading the proposal. After that, you need to decide the manner through which you will be persuasive. Finally, come up with an outline that will make it easy for you to organize your thoughts in a clear manner.

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How to write a proposal

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Once you are well-prepared and are sure of what you want to write and how to write it, the next move is to actually start writing. This calls for a firm introduction to begin with. What this means is that your introduction must begin with a hook that will capture the reader’s attention. Always remember that a good proposal is about facts more than it is opinions, especially in the beginning. Your introduction must not only make sense but also serve a purpose and show its usefulness. These two elements should be easy to see from your introduction.

Problem statement

With an excellent introduction, you now move to the bulky chunk of the proposal’s content which is the body. This is where your actual skills on proposal how to write it will be tested. Remember that at the preparation stage, you thought about your target audience. This is where you take care of filling them in on the subject. The body being the largest part of the proposal, take your time to explain a few issues.

In this section, you will cover the statement of questions on what the problem is, what causes or effects the problem results into, and what are the causes behind the problem. You need to put an emphasis on why the problem you are bringing forth is important. Make the audience understand how they will be affected in case the problem you mention is left unattended.

Apart from mentioning the problems, you need to cover them with extensive research. This means that you must make use of reliable sources as backup and use them in a liberal manner. It is important that every aspect of the questions revolving around the subject is covered adequately. One tip that will help you in writing a great proposal, regardless of the category, is to tie the problem to the audience in manner that is as direct as possible. The more specific it is, the easier it will be to invoke their emotion and make it more convincing.

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Solutions to the problem

How to write a proposal

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Whether you are doing a proposal business letter or are writing a proposal to a nonprofit kind of organization for support, this is the most crucial part of your proposal. After the clear statement of the problem, your next move should be clearly pointing out the different ways through which you intend to address the problem. Let it be clear how you intend to do it. Show your audience a good reason why your proposed method is the best and the potential outcome once you apply your approach. Make sure that you discuss solutions that will have a widespread impact on the audience. Remember that you need to give a clear explanation on why you choose to follow a certain option. This is just as important as stating what you intend to do.

The point is to leave the reader satisfied about your ability to actually solve the problems you mentioned earlier. You can only convince them and give them confidence in you by properly researching and keeping your personal opinions to a minimum. You should rely more on other people’s research and focus on providing facts that cannot be refuted. Remember that the end game is to have your proposal prove that your solution will work. Pretest it if possible.

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The schedule and budget are crucial

Remember that when drafting a proposal letter, your aim is to get investors to support you. Consequently, your proposal must have a budget section that can clearly be followed and understood. Every great investment captures timelines and costs in the most detailed way possible. Do not hold only single detail back as this could bring questions and doubts to your readers.

Explain everything in a manner that is realistic. This means that you have your work cut out for you. You must invest in doing a proper research as you need to capture a number of things. The following must be clear in your proposal: when you envision the start of the project, its progressive pace, how one step will build into another, and whether there are steps that will be done concurrently. It must also be very clear to the reader that this is not a waste of their time and resources or money.

Always remember that this section must make perfect financial sense to your target audience. You need to have researched about the audience you are writing to. If it is a company or an individual, find out if your proposal’s budget is within their limit. In case they cannot afford it, then it is an inadequate proposal. In the case that it is affordable to them, your task is to make them feel that it is worthwhile.


This should be as perfect as your introduction was. Generally, mention what the proposal was about touching on the consequences that would result if the problems are left unresolved. Conclude by pointing out the benefits of having the project done making sure to highlight that the gains will eventually outweigh the costs. Write in a manner that your audience will be left thinking ahead. Make sure you thank your audience for their consideration.

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This may be something that may be taken for granted yet it is very important. Never send a proposal out without checking and rechecking it for a few issues.

Your proposal must be attractive, concise, and clear. It should also be presented in a manner that is useful. To confirm this, make sure you revise it as many times as you can. Check for mistakes on grammar and spelling errors among others. Use simple language and minimize the use of qualifiers and passive voice. Once you are satisfied with your own editing, have an extra set of eyes go through it just to be sure.

Proofread the content after all the editing has be done to be clear that you have done an excellent job. The last thing you want is your proposal trashed because of simple mistakes that minimize your credibility. You should also adhere to the formatting guidelines that have been set out for your type of proposal.

Anyone who has wondered about how to write a proposal should have their doubts cleared by now. Writing a proposal does not have to be a complicated affair if you stick to the suggestions made in this article. Your goal is to present your ideas in the best way possible with a focus on your target audience. You can never go wrong this way.

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