Marine Engineering – meaning, courses, jobs and careers in Ghana

Marine Engineering – meaning, courses, jobs and careers in Ghana

It is amazing how far humankind has advanced when it comes to the various engineering fields available. Just a few decades ago, the title 'marine engineer' was unheard of, but today, it is one of the most respectable professions in society. It is one of many specialized fields of engineering that is as important as any other. When you hear the term 'Marine Engineering' the first thing that crosses your mind is oceans, seas, and any other large water bodies. In this article, we explore the meaning of Marine Engineering, the courses associated with the field, available career opportunities, and jobs in Ghana.

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Much of the world’s commerce relies on ships, whether it is for transporting oil or other precious cargo. It is imperative to have experts on hand to address any issues in case any of these ships encounter any technical problems.

Marine Engineering meaning

Marine Engineering is a branch of study that deals with designing, developing, producing, and maintaining sea equipment like ships and boats. It is a broad field with sub-branches in Naval Architecture as well as Nautical Science.

A marine engineer is a professional who is tasked with the responsibility of not only operating but also maintaining and repairing all the key mechanical and engineered equipment of a ship or vessel. As such, they work on a number of vessel systems such as propulsion mechanics, power generation systems, lubrication and fuel systems, lighting, and water distillation systems.

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marine engineering

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Marine Engineering courses

"Where can I study Marine Engineering in Ghana?" You might be wondering. Regional Maritime University is the best school you can enroll to pursue the course. The university offers a bachelor's degree in Marine Engineering. The course is offered under the university's Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The course covers the following aspects:

  • Electrical, Mechanical and Naval Engineering
  • Engineering Principles and Practices
  • Principles of Management
  • Law
  • Workshop Technology
  • Seamanship

You can get in touch with the school through the following contacts:

Official website:

Facebook page: Regional Maritime University

Twitter handle: rmuofficial

Dean Faculty of Engineering direct line: 714711

Dean Faculty of Engineering email address:

Dean Faculty of Engineering main extension number: 145

Marine Engineering careers

Marine Engineering is a smart option for people with different kinds of skills. The study can open up a number of doors for you. What exactly does a marine engineer do? Below are some of the careers you can land into after pursuing the course:

  • Marine Engineer: Key functions include designing, testing, and repairing marine apparatus.
  • Mercury Marine - Process Engineer: Support safety and ergonomic programs within the cost center; Troubleshoot manufacturing issues as needed; Compile and performs various reports
  • Project Engineer: Specializes in dam construction and rehabilitation, power transmission and distribution, tunneling, inland marine, oil, gas, utility, and sewer.
  • Marine/Ocean Engineers: Perform design calculations, develop engineering drawings, and resolve technical issues related to shipboard.

Marine Engineering jobs

There are not so many marine engineers in the world despite the fact that it is a well-paying job. Both naval and merchant ships present unlimited opportunities for students pursuing the course. Work can also be found in ship manufacturing industries. It is also common for marine engineers to be part of the armed navy as long as they have the required physical and medical qualifications. The following are some of the companies where you can apply to for Marine Engineering jobs in Ghana:

  • MODEC Ghana limited
  • Bollinger Shipyards
  • Keppel Corporation
  • Elliott Bay Design Group
  • Gibbs and Cox

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It is clear that Marine Engineering is a very important field that plays a huge role in industries, economies, and businesses. The reliance on seafaring vessels keeps rising, ensuring that there is certainty in the job market for the engineers. Based on this, we can confidently say that a career choice in this field is a decision one will never regret.

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