20 most common dreams and their meaning in Ghana

20 most common dreams and their meaning in Ghana

As Africans, we put a lot of emphasis on dreams and their meanings. Chances are that you have also dreamt about something before and attached some importance to it. Dreams have been interpreted for a long time. Many people dream and the content of their dreams actually happen in real life. You can understand, therefore, why it is crucial to know what a particular dream means. This could help you deal with the anxiety that is accompanied by the dream. This article brings to light a few common dreams and what they mean in Ghana.

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Not all people remember their dreams after a peaceful night. However, those who do may be troubled and may want to understand or interpret the meaning of these dreams. Remember that there are dreams and their meanings in Islam just as there are dreams and their meanings in Christianity. This article is an attempt to bring some of the most common dreams people have on a daily basis. In case you dream anything similar to these, then by reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what is likely to happen to you. Check them out.

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Common dreams and their meaning

The desire to understand dreams and their meanings comes from the natural human curiosity that we all posses. Whether you dream about something positive or negative, the tendency is to want to know exactly what the dream could mean. Some people believe that dreams are as a result of what you have been thinking about during the day or in the past few days. As such, they attach little importance to these dreams as they believe that your subconscious could be reflecting on what has been on your mind a lot lately. However true this is, others believe that dreams are a form of communication. It could be a warning or a preemption of something that is about to happen. Whatever you believe, we can all agree that dreams have meanings that sometimes stand out. Check out these 20 dreams with their meanings to understand more.

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1. Dreaming when naked

This is said to be one of the most common dreams most people have. If by any chance you have dreamt of being naked or just in your undies, especially in public, you are vulnerable. This dream depicts vulnerability especially when it comes to bearing yourself to others. You are most likely a person that loves to keep to yourself. A different interpretation of this dream, especially if you are happy in the nakedness, is that you have excess sexual urges that you definitely must fix or you are seeking some form of attention or recognition.

2. Dreaming while flying

Depending on what state of flying you dream about, dreams on flying generally reflect your level of confidence with a situation in your life. In case you are flying as a superhuman figure, then this could mean that you are a lot more confident about a situation happening in your life as opposed to one who dreams about flying but barely takes off the ground.

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3. Dreaming about death

It is possible that you could wake up scared and panicking because you dreamt of a death. If you dream that you are dying or someone else you know is dying, this does not necessarily imply that death is coming your way. It is only a reflection of a recent grieving that you have gone through probably because you lost a loved one. There is, therefore, no need to strain yourself. It is not always a bad omen as many have made it out to be. In fact, it is more about change which could be brought about by a new beginning or an ending that has happened in the recent past.

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4. Dreaming about scary bugs and spiders

dreams and their meaning
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If this is what you dreamt about, then chances are that you must work on your fear for spiders and bugs especially if it is true that you fear them. On the other hand, if you dream about poisonous spiders, then chances are that you are scared about something deadly in your life. It could be a poisonous situation. Basically, dreams about bugs have numerous interpretations.

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5. Dreaming that you are pregnant or have a baby

Dreams on pregnancy and babies could mean a lot of things starting from the literal fact of wanting a baby. It could also mean the beginning of a fresh start or a feeling of vulnerability. If you dream anything in this line, then you ought to examine what is happening in your life.

6. Dreaming that you are eating

A lot has been said about this kind of dream. However, it could just be about food. Maybe you went to bed hungry. In most cases, such dreams are all about nourishment. However, in case there is something else like being surrounded by donuts, then the dream is about much more than your ordinary dinners. Eating alone could also mean independence or loneliness. Eating with friends could mean success and merriment.

7. Dreaming that you are having sex

This is a dream that means a whole lot of things. It could just be the obvious fact that you are really horny and in need of a release or it could be that you are looking for a closer connection with someone special.

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8. Dreaming that your teeth are falling out

This is a rather common dream for most people. It is an expression of the fear of growing old or becoming unattractive, a fear that many actually have.

9. Dreaming that you are being cheated on

In case this is a dream that you have, it may not necessarily mean that you are afraid your partner is being unfaithful. More often than not, it is just a feeling of neglect. However, if the feeling of cheating is persistent, then the dream is just a reflection of your fears.

10. Dreaming about water

In case you dream about water, then you need to pay attention to the context of the dream. The meanings are on the extremes. It could be that you are experiencing a calmness or peaceful situation in life or it could also be on the other extreme where your life is filled with turmoil and confusion which causes you unease. Depending on the context, you may have to examine your life at the time to decipher the real meaning of your dream.

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11. Dreaming about houses or rooms

The interpretation of such a dream is dependent on the room you find yourself in. If the main figure in your dream is a bedroom, then chances are that you are exploring intimate feelings in your life at the moment. On the other hand, if you dream about being in a basement, then chances are that you are feeling neglected and may be in need of company.

12. Dreaming that you are trapped

This is a dream that comes in different forms but the main content is that you always feel trapped in your dream. The meaning is quite simple as it reflects your fear of making crucial decisions in life that could lead to you being stuck for life. You could examine your life at the time and see what you need to fix.

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13. Dreaming that you are lost

In most cases, dreams about being lost are often about a fear of being lost and stuck in life. For instance, you could be afraid about making a decision in your career or simply worried about your true feelings about someone in your life.

14. Dreaming with celebrities

dreams and their meaning
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More often than not, these dreams are just random thoughts. It could be just as random as dreaming about your neighbor and it could have no specific meaning. However, in case you dream that the celebrity is praising and adoring you, then chances are that you are hungry for fame and popularity.

15. Dreaming of evil creatures and zombies

This is a common dream for most people. It could be a communication that you have to examine your life and let go of some things or some people that are toxic. You need to evaluate your life and find toxic situations that could be detrimental to your life. The bottom line is that you have to get rid of negative attachments.

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16. Dreaming about school

The interpretation may be dependent on your age. As a younger person, this could not have much meaning since you spend most of your time in school and it is only natural that you have school in your mind. However, adults dreaming about schools could mean that there is a sense of something that was not learnt when they were younger. It could also mean that there is the fear of scrutiny especially if the dream is tied to a new job opportunity recently acquired.

17. Dreaming that you are late

If you dream of lateness then the interpretation is simple. It is all about regret. It could be that you are regretting about a lost opportunity or a choice that you made. It is also possible that it could be about an anxious moment because of an event that is set to happen in the near future.

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18. Dreaming that you are falling

This is another common dream. It could mean that you have a deep sense of fear of failing at something important or that you are terrified of letting go. You need to examine your life at the time and find out where your anxieties lie.

19. Dreaming that you are in an uncontrollable car

This is a dream that means that you are unsure about being in control of something or your feelings. You may be feeling helpless about a situation in your life especially if you dream that the car crashed. In the event that the car did not crash, then there could be some hope about the situation.

20. Dreaming that you are being chased

This is another common dream for most people. To be sure about what the dream means, one has to establish what is chasing them. After all, the most important thing is not the fact that you are being chased in a dream but that you are chasing your dreams in reality.

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In case you have been wondering about dreams and their meanings, I believe that by now you are a bit more confident about them. Even so, it is important to note that dream interpretations are subjective. It is all a matter of what you choose to believe. I find that it works to keep an open mind and to lean on the positive as this will help approach life in a better way as opposed to interpreting them negatively which will most likely cripple you with fear of the unknown.

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