French kissing tips and tricks

French kissing tips and tricks

Real and romantic kissing is not just about jamming your tongue into your partner's mouth. This is why knowing different kissing tips can help reduce the number of complaints from your spouse. Learning how to move from being just an average kisser to enjoying an intimate style of kissing is what this article is about. Here, you will learn various tips that you can make use of while kissing so that you and your partner can both enjoy this intimate act of love.

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A French kiss is one proven type of kiss that you can always enjoy with your spouse. In fact, you can use it to turn your partner on at any time. There are other names that have been given to the French kiss. Some people call it "making out", "snogging", "locking lips" and so on, but the most-pronounced one that has remained is 'French kiss'. In simple terms, the French kiss is a deep kiss that involves you extending your tongue to touch your partner's lips or tongue. It is passionate and deep, and when it takes place, it induces physiological sexual arousal in your partner, if not in both of you.

"But why is it called a French kiss?" You probably would want to ask. The name was derived at the beginning of the 20th century when the French already acquired a reputation for more adventurous and passionate sex practices. At that time, the British and American soldiers who came home after World War II began to kiss their women and girlfriends the same way they saw the French kiss their women. That was what brought about the name.

Now that the genesis of the French kiss has been traced, it is certain you will be interested in getting some tricks that you can use to have a wonderful French kissing experience. Let us explore a few of them.

6 hot French kissing tips

To fully engage in and enjoy the romantic feelings that French kissing produces, there are basic things you have to bear in mind and work with, else you will not enjoy this activity with your partner. To that effect, here are some tips that will help and guide you. If you put them to work, this can initiate more moments of French kisses after the first experience with your partner.

1. Maintain soft and smooth lips

The softer and smoother your lips are, the more likely you are to enjoy the process of French kissing. While you have to do it sparingly, ensure that your lips are slightly moist and not chapped or dry. The reason is that your partner is likely to get distracted or get pissed off in the process of making an advancement if he or she ends up discovering that you have chapped lips. So, to achieve soft lips, you could use chapstick, drink water, or even lick your lips. Once the softness is achieved, then, you are good to "launch out". In fact, if you subtly lick your lips before your partner, it can be sensational as it can send a message of your willingness to kiss him or her as well.

2. Be sensitive about the mood and environment

If you want to achieve a wonderful result, it is advisable that you make the move under a romantic atmosphere and at a time when you sense that your partner is already in a loving mood. Find the right place where you are assured of privacy, and ensure that it is free from every form of distraction. More so, be careful to make your move when your partner is already feeling romantic and not stressed. If you do not get these right, the whole show could be ruined. A good way to help you achieve a good result if you are not sure if your partner is feeling like it or not is to raise the topic. This can stir up the feeling or the desire to engage in making out.

3. Watch out for your partner's response

By the time you have eventually started kissing, it is good that you pay attention to the response of your partner. How is he or she flowing along with the vibes you have created? What message is he or she trying to pass across while you are engaged in the French kiss? These are just a few questions that you should try to find an answer to. Sometimes, maintaining eye contact occasionally is a good idea. If your partner is responding slowly, he or she may be sending a message to "keep it slow and simple". As the passion builds up and you notice that there is an increase in the momentum, then, you can increase the pace of your kiss as well.

4. Have fresh breath

One of the things that easily bore any partner is bad breath. Once you know you will get close and intimate with your partner, it is very good advice that you brush your teeth beforehand. Apart from this, you can pop a breath mint or chew mint-flavoured gum to ensure that you have sensational and romantic breath. Remember that French kissing has a lot to do with the mouth. This should also let you know that any kind of food that can leave you with an unpleasant after-taste or residue should be avoided. Foods containing garlic, onions and so on should be avoided.

5. Avoid scratchy facial hair, especially men

Although some ladies may like to feel the facial hair of their partner on their cheek, there are some other ladies who detest that so much, especially if it is scratchy. This can be off-putting for most ladies. Finding out if your partner likes the facial hair is not bad, and once she tells you her stand on that, shave it off if there is the need for it. Do not negotiate this because you may miss that special moment eventually.

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6. Maintain a kissable mouth

Make sure that your mouth is positioned in such a way that it can be kissable. Do not make it so stiff that your partner will have to try hard to penetrate through your lips. Let your mouth be slightly opened in a way that it is easy for the tongue of your partner to easily penetrate through. Let it be in a position that he or she can easily initiate the French kiss.

kissing tips

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Once you have grabbed those salient points that will help you in carrying out your French kiss in an appealing and enjoyable way, we can then talk about the process involved in French kissing. Remember that the essence of all this is to make sure that both you and your partner enjoy every bit of your kissing experience.

French kissing tricks

By now, you should have understood that French kissing is not the same as ordinary kissing, there is more to the process. Even if you have not tried it before, the steps you will learn in the following paragraphs, if followed well, can make you end up being a professional in this act and even wow your partner afterward.

1. Send a signal

Surprised as to what that means? Just relax and read on. The point here is that you do not have to catch your partner unaware, else, the both of you may not enjoy it eventually. Just as explained earlier, you could maintain keen eye contact while you are licking your lips and then take off your eyes after a while. Things like that are good. Then, as a girl, for instance, you could look at your guy and look down, and then look up through your eyelashes again so that you can be extra flirtatious.

2. Be passionate about it

I'm sure the reason you are engaging in a French kiss and not the regular one is so that you can enjoy the added sparks that it ignites in you and your partner. So, once you begin, let the whole of your body be engaged in the process. Do not let your mouth alone do the work. You know those sensational touches that you can make with those wonderful hands of yours, right? For instance, placing your hand at the back of your partner's head to draw him or her close to yourself helps you to discharge that passionate kiss in the best romantic way. Also, you could just rub the back of his or her neck and the shoulder down to the arms with your hands. Those sensational touches make the French kiss more appealing.

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3. Let your tongue perform its operation slowly and gradually

To get the best out of the French kiss, you do not have to rush into it. In fact, you have to engage in it with calculated steps. As you kiss the neck and mouth of your partner, for instance, you are trying to create a relaxed mood which will launch the two of you into the next line of action. And once the mood has been created, first of all, use the tip of your tongue to touch your partner's; use it to explore his or her tongue and then, focus on kissing the tongue. Do not forget that your business is not licking their mouth but caressing the tongue.

4. Tickle your partner's lips gently

Once you have engaged in the first few kisses, try to tickle your partner's lips lightly using the tip of your tongue. You know how light a butterfly's wings look like? Just in that same lightness, brush across his or her lips to make him or her feel sensational. And guess what? With this, you send a message of your willingness to explore more with your partner.

5. Make soft murmurs in the process

While you launch the kiss, do not just be too serious about the whole thing. As you engage your tongues, softly send some murmuring words like "mmm". Guess what? With that, you send the message of how much you are enjoying kissing your spouse. With this, he or she will be willing to do it more. More so, you are trying to convey the message of "stay active and press some more" to him or her. The only caution is that while you are making the murmur, make sure that it does not become irritating or end up as a noise that may cause a distraction.

6. French-kiss with closed eyes

Do you really want to enjoy your French kiss? Then, closing your eyes will be a good option. You know, generally speaking, kissing with open eyes can be interpreted as a sign of insincerity or dishonesty. But when you have your eyes closed, it helps you to maintain focus and overcome distractions. With this, you will be able to enjoy whatever is going on on your lips while you also enjoy the moment. However, by the time you are pulling apart after your kiss, you may then begin to gradually open your eyes.

7. Rub the front or the back of your partner's teeth

Try to rub the front or the back of your partner's teeth with your tongue. It is a good way of creating a ticklish feeling which can help to take your kiss deeper. Another thing that you can do is to try and catch the lower lip of your partner with your teeth. Make sure that you do this in a light and romantic manner.

8. Once you are done, gradually ease out of it

Stopping abruptly can be disheartening. In fact, it can be likened to when you are enjoying a movie and you are already at the peak of it, then suddenly something just disrupts the whole connection and everything goes blank. A very nice way to stop is to gradually withdraw your tongue and retrace your kissing process back to where it all started from. Gradually squeeze your partner's upper or lower lip between your own while you are rubbing the back of his or her neck down to the shoulder before you eventually pull away.

Your dating experience does not have to be monotonous and you do not have to kiss the same way at all time. The kissing tips that have been shared so far will help you to achieve and enjoy your romantic moment with your partner. Even if you have not done it before, these tips will walk you through the process so that you get the best out of your French kissing experience. If you have been doing it before, these tips will help you do it better.

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