Richest cities in South Korea

Richest cities in South Korea

In the recent past, South Korea has established itself as a popular travel destination and its cities have contributed to this. The cities are rich in history as well as cultural diversity. Although known for many other things such as tasty cuisine, landmarks, and other beautiful scenery, South Korea has some of the richest cities, here is a list of the richest cities in South Korea.

cities in South Korea
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You have probably heard that this is an interesting time to live. Thanks to the rampant technological advancements, many cities have grown to unimaginable levels. Home to many tech companies, it should not come as a surprise that South Korean cities are ranked as some of the richest in the world. What are the major cities in South Korea? Below is a list of the richest cities in South Korea based on their GDP from the South Korean government.

1. Seoul

GDP in mil. (2016): $408,265

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What are the biggest cities in South Korea? Seoul is South Korea’s capital city, hence one of the biggest city. Its metropolis is growing rapidly with high rise modern skyscrapers. Its high-tech subways are second to none in South Korea. The pop culture is greatly influenced by western culture and it brings in a lot of revenue.

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2. Busan

GDP in mil. (2016): $92,838

Busan has the fifth busiest seaport in the world. It is the second largest city in South Korea. In addition to that, it is the largest industrial area in South Korea. Its beaches, restaurants, and cafes make it a great tourist destination. The world’s largest department store is also found here.

3. Incheon

GDP in mil. (2016): $92,453

Incheon is a large coastal city. As an international port, the city is a major gateway for cultural and commercial trade.

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4. Ulsan

GDP in mil. (2016): $81,448

The city houses a large assembly factory (Hyundai). As if that is not enough, the city also has the world’s biggest shipyard also operated by Hyundai. The city is also known for tourist attraction sites such as Yeongnam Alps and grand parks.

5. Daegu

GDP in mil. (2016): $56,793

This used to be a manufacturing industry before the decline of the textile industry. It is the second largest inland city in South Korea. It is a hub for international festivals that bring in many people annually.

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6. Daejeon

GDP in mil. (2016): $41,071

Daejeon is a transportation hub because of its strategic location. It is located between crossroads of major highways and railway lines. It has many universities and scientific research facilities. It is also a provincial center housing media, publishing, newspaper and television organizations.

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cities in South Korea
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7. Gwangju

GDP in mil. (2016): $38,496

It is known for sophistication in art and artistic knowledge. It is also home to many diverse cuisines. It is connected to Seoul by rail hence encourages industries to establish themselves here. The city’s economy relies on cotton textiles, breweries, and rice processing plants.

8. Jeju

GDP in mil. (2016): $19,335

It is the largest city on Jeju Island. It has warm weather all year round. This city is a resort center with many prestigious hotels and casinos. It has one of the busiest airports and is a popular tourist destination.

9. Sejong

GDP in mil. (2016): $12,764

It is South Korea’s central administrative city. It houses the majority of government ministries and institutes. It is also a hub for industries, science, and education. The city is well supported by air and rail transportation.

There are the richest cities in South Korea. From vibrant tourism to booming automobile industries, such cities are taking over the world. Some of the riches in South Korean cities come from large industrial complexes. Those who want to visit or invest in South Korean cities are spoilt for choice. The country has coastal cities as well as inland cities that are transportation hubs and hospitality centers.

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