Best cities in Denmark to visit

Best cities in Denmark to visit

Denmark is a Scandinavian country that is made up of the Jutland Peninsula and other more islands. The country is linked to Sweden via Öresund Bridge. The capital city is Copenhagen, which is the home to the Nyhavn Harbor, royal palaces, as well as Tivoli Gardens. Other than Copenhagen, they are various cities in Denmark to visit and explore.

Whatever you may want in a modern city, be it nightlife, the architecture, good roads, amazing cuisine, friendly people – Denmark has it all. The Danish cities give you the chance to experience nature and art in a way you have not before. If you are an enthusiast for art, Danish designs, museums, galleries, and festivals should be what you consider before you choose the city to live in. Let us explore the best cities to visit in Denmark:

1. Copenhagen

We just have to start with the nation’s capital. It is cool, calm, and sophisticated. This beautiful city faces Malmo across the Oresund Strait. Also, located in the city centre are the botanical gardens noted for their large complex of 19th-century greenhouses. Interestingly, the city is home to red-tiled roof houses of medieval times mixed with modern new buildings. More than one million Danes in the city live in neighborhoods such as Christianshavn and Vesterbro. Right in the middle of the city, you will find Rundetaarn Tower connected by a web of narrow streets and alleyways. There are many other ancient structures to enjoy in this city such as the fortifications of Slotsholmen.

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2. Herning

This city is located at the heart of Jutland. What gives the city life is its art and cultural scenes. The city has exhibitions all-year round. It is a great place to visit, especially for business people. Here, one experiences the luxury of conventions and trade fairs. Its top museums include the Herning Museum of Contemporary Art and Carl Herning Pedersen and Else Alfelts Museum.

3. Aarhus

You should not be surprised when you hear that Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark. It’s very strategic because it is located at the geographical center of the country. If your interest is in beaches, it will be interesting to note that Aarhus is found along the eastern coastline of the Jutland Peninsula. Aarhus is also a common host of festivals. The biggest eight-day Aarhus International Jazz Festival takes place here annually. You can also find churches and buildings that are more than a thousand years old in this city. A trip to Aarhus is not complete if you have not sampled the cuisine in this marvelous city.

4. Odense

Odense is the third largest city in Denmark. It is a good destination located on Funen Island. One of the things that bring tourists to the city is the famous fairy tale, Hans Christian Andersen. Top on the list of tourist attractions here is the Hans Christian Andersen House where he was born. The city is also filled with fairy tale sculptures almost everywhere. Odense offers great scenery ranging from museums, zoos, parks, romantic streets, and churches.

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5. Aalborg

Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark. This city is popularly known for the timbered mansions that were initially built by merchants. Theatres, orchestra, performing venues, and the Aalborg Museum of Modern Art make the city a cultural hub. Aalborg’s location is on a natural harbor. Owing to this, it is busy with economic and leisure activities. It offers good places for relaxation at the waterfront. Visitors are encouraged to spare some time to visit the zoo. The best moment to visit Aalborg is during the famous Aalborg Carnivore. The Utzon Center is one place where cultural exchange is remarkable. There are also ancient historical sites just outside the city.

6. Billund

This is a relatively small city in Denmark but one you cannot do without visiting if you love parks. Its popularity is often attributed to the theme park called Legoland. Flocks of tourists visit the city to have an experience of the park. The city is also home to Ole Kirk’s Historical House. Ole Kirk was a toymaker popularly known for Lego.

7. Kolding

Kolding is a favorite destination in Europe whose reputation is partly because of a massive seaport. The city is found just at the mouth of Kolding Fjord and it is one of the largest in Denmark. Transport is not a problem for Kolding. In fact, the city is the transportation center for Denmark. The Koldinghus Castle stands out for its view above the city center and it is worth a visit. Kolding offers tourist attractions beyond anyone’s imagination. Museums, sites and landmarks, nature and parks, fun and games, concerts and shows, name them, Kolding is just an amazing place to visit.

8. Silkeborg

Silkeborg, as a city, can be traced back to 1844 when a paper mill was built in the area. The city prides itself in having the oldest preserved building known as Silkeborg Manor that was constructed in 1767. You can have the perfect view of mummified corpses that lived in the 4th century here.

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9. Faborg

Rich in history, the city of Faborg is a popular destination among sports tourists. One of the breathtaking landmarks here is the Hvedholm Castle. It provides an ideal environment for individuals seeking entertaining activities such as hiking, cycling or even sailing. Other things you can enjoy in Faborg are shopping, the nightlife, food and drinks, and much more.

10. Esbjerg

The city’s location is on the southwestern coastline of Denmark. It has one of the most important seaports on the North Sea. To its visitors, it offers fisheries and maritime museum. Harbor sightseeing is also popular in Esbjerg. To end the visit on a high, the Seal Safari is a real treat for the tourists.

Cities in Denmark are diverse in culture and they are quite vibrant. This could make it difficult for one to pick a destination to visit. A visit to any of the cities above will give you a guaranteed experience of a lifetime. Enjoy!

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