5 reasons why Ghanaian women want you to suffer before you 'chop'

5 reasons why Ghanaian women want you to suffer before you 'chop'

Most married men and others in relationships will tell you that they did not find things easy in their pursuit of the women in their lives. The idea that most women do not want to be won over easily is almost a fact.

When men find themselves in such a situation, they are understandably frustrated. The situation has them questioning their abilities and possessions.

But what we are to note is that no woman owes a man a relationship. It is important for men to not feel entitled to an affair.

But even in cases where women like the men, they still play “hard to get”. YEN.com.gh gives reasons why this is so.

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Most women do not want to seem 'cheap'. Photo credit: Supplied
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1. Scientists believe it is cultural

Evolutionary sociologists say that through the history of humanity, women have been won by their men like prizes at the end of a competition.

For some reason, society trains men to “fight” for anything they want. As such, a woman as a prize, is to be fought for.

2. She is keeping her options open

Relationships tend to be closed affairs. When a woman agrees to be a man’s partner, she has essentially locked up herself with him.

It therefore would seem that before you lock up yourself, you make sure there is nothing outside that you need. So women like to see if other options have better offers.

3. She is looking at who you are

Money and power are attractive and they do not put people in desperate and uncomfortable situations.

But not all men have the money or power and so they become desperate when chasing a woman.

Most often, what you do when you are desperate reveals who you are and women want to know.

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4. She just does not like you

Sometimes, the “hard to get” women play is to politely tell men that they are not wanted. One needs to understand that women are brought up to be submissive.

This submissive training means that they do not want to hurt a man’s feelings with a firm no.

5. Women believe they are prizes

Women are brought up to believe they are what men should tire to have. If you ask most of them, they will cite quotations in religious scriptures. But that is why they will not accept to be wooed easily.

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