3 solid reasons why women are attracted to 'bad boys' and not 'good boys'

3 solid reasons why women are attracted to 'bad boys' and not 'good boys'

It does not matter where you grew up because if you are above adolescence, you probably might have heard that women are more attracted to bad boys.

Now, we can put the word 'bad' in quotes or not but it is not hard to figure out what we are talking about when we use that description.

When we use the term 'bad boys', we are most likely speaking of males, who may ordinarily be considered as rascals, troublemakers, adventurous, anti-establishment or even carefree.

YEN.com.gh gives three very definite reasons why women tend to like these kind of men. These reasons may not be universal since there is actually no universal concept of human nature.

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1. Those men seem like they can protect you

Bad men, or rascals or better still, ruffians, are not afraid to get aggressive to protect their interests and beliefs. They seem like the sort of people who are ready to put their bodies on the line if it comes to that.

When you have women who have been brought up to believe they must be protected by men, they will fall for those who look like they can protect.

2. Adventurous men seem like they live to the fullest

It is hard to find an adventurous man who is not constantly looking at ways to add spice to their lives. They are never content with a one-way routine.

Women feel it may not be necessary to always play it safe. Most women do not want to be treated like they cannot enjoy all that life has to offer hence they choose adventurous, risky men.

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3. Bad boys easily make the headlines

There are many who do not accept this but women want men other women want.And they like men who are being talked about, constantly.

Now, good deeds do go far but they do not fly like news of troublemakers. When men are challenging traditions and establishments, they get easily noticed by women.

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