5 things women secretly want in relationships

5 things women secretly want in relationships

Relationships always look beautiful and pleasing, but the truth is that they are not always that easy to maintain.

Every relationship is built on expectation and the best relationships are the ones where both partners can meet the expectations of each other.

But as a boyfriend or husband, do you know that there are certain things women secretly want in a relationship but may not tell you.

5 things women secretly want in relationships
5 things women secretly want in relationships. Source: Supplied
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So, let’s take a look at five of the things that women secretly want from their partners:

1.      One who shows her respects

Every lady wants to feel secured in her relationship and, by this, she would prefer a man who always respects her.

You can show her respect by doing some little things like saying “thank you” when necessary. You must also swallow every pride and apologise when you are in the wrong.

Respect is very key in relationships, and it’s one thing most women demand from their boyfriends or husbands.

2.      A man who is easily lovable

Love is a two-way thing, but every woman certainly wants a guy who she can easily relate with and fall in love with.

She may not openly say it, but she wants you to continue treating her well and to keep the romance alive.

Also make time to praise her beauty, exalt her and be with her whenever you have the time.

3.      A man she can be proud of

Just like every woman wants a man who respects her, she also prefers a man she respects and is proud of.

Ladies often want to be able to show off their boyfriends or husbands to their friends and other family members.

For a man to be respected by a lady, the basic attributes are that he needs to be committed, disciplined and hardworking.

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4.      A matured man

No woman wants to be treated like a child and no lady wants to have a man who thinks and acts like a “child-man” as well.

Try to take responsibility for your actions, rather than always blaming her for every blip.

Once she feels you are matured enough and can manage your emotions as well as hers, she will respect you.

5.      A man she connects to

Most women also want to go into relationships with men that they feel connected to.

A man who has the time to listen to her, share her emotions, fears and concerns when she’s down.

Also, when they both share a common goal, it’s easier for the woman to feel connected to the man.

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