5 ways to know your interview went well

5 ways to know your interview went well

Looking for a job has become a very important subject in recent years due to the high levels of unemployment in the country.

For many people, the ultimate test after spotting a vacancy is to successfully go through the interviewing session.

Spotting a vacancy is one thing, but being able to go through the interview is another thing that every job seeker must take seriously.

5 ways to know your interview went well

Figuring out whether your interview went well isn’t always easy. Source: Supplied.
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Most often, you come out of an interview session not knowing whether you did well or not.

Here are five ways to know if your interview went well:

1.    When they include you in the company’s future

One of the best ways to know is your interview for a job went well is to look out for the future plans of the company.

If the interviewer should tell you about where they want to take the company and also talk about how they’d use your expertise into their future projects, then you are doing just fine.

Once this happens, it means you have given a good account of yourself and you are a top contender for the job.

2.    When you overstay for the interview duration

Interview appointments come with strict time schedules and must always make sure to be on time.

Normally, the interviewers would also want to keep it as short as possible but if it runs over the scheduled time, then you are most likely doing well.

Interviewers are very busy people so if they can allow you to overstay then it is a positive sign.

3.    When they ask when you can begin

Among all the ways to know if your interview went well, the surest is when they ask you when you can start working.

Once the interviewers start asking about the availability, it is obvious they have already decided on picking you and only want to know how soon you can start.

It could also mean that they are willing to employ you and work around your schedule.

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4.    When you have a proper conversation with the interviewers

Another way to know if an interview was successful is to look out for how your interaction goes with the interviewer.

Don’t just focus on the answers you give, rather pay attention to how you clicked with the interviewer in terms of conversation.

Working relationships are key so if you realise they are joking with you and asking you about your favorite food or films, then you are doing perfect.

5.    When they introduce you to the rest of the team

It is uncommon for an interview panel to introduce an interviewee to the rest of the team in the company.

So, such an invitation could mean that you’ve passed the interview and the recruiter wants to know if you will interact well with the team before they make their final decision.

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