Ghanaians share varied reasons why they got married

Ghanaians share varied reasons why they got married

Some Ghanaians have opened up on what motivated them to get married in the first place.

Sharing their experiences with popular Facebook user, David, people shared the interesting stories of how they found love.

However, the main topic was how they met and got married to their current parents.

Ghanaians share varied reasons why they got married

Ghanaians share varied reasons why they got married Source: Supplied
Source: UGC

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Below are some of the experiences shared:

I agreed to marry my husband because he made me believe he could take very good care of me. And I needed just that: A man who could take care of me. I don’t love him. My child is not even his and he doesn’t know. So far as we are taken care of, I’m cool!” – From A.D

To escape

“I married my Ex to get away from, and under my dad’s control. He was dominant and controlled every aspect of my life.” – From B.K


“Hello Dave,

I am divorced, and I don’t know whether I qualify for the survey or not? My ex-wife and I used to be very happy in a relationship. Then I got her pregnant. She was scared of abortion. I wasn’t sure about the idea of abortion – so we concluded on marriage. We got excited about the whole idea of ‘family’ and were looking forward to it. I did love her, to be frank, and we wanted the marriage to stand the test of time. We divorced after the 10th year.

How that happened, we do not know

Pregnancy should not be the reason to settle. A baby wouldn’t make any marriage work. Marriage has nothing to do with an unplanned pregnancy/baby. Support the child, be the best dad or mother or parents to that child. It’s okay to be guardians to your ward out of wedlock.” – From P.M

My first and last man

He was the first man I had sex with. That meant a lot to me, and I wanted it to mean something to him too. I stayed with only him because I wanted him to be the only man I’d sleep with. He’s the only man I’ve been with, but he’s having affairs. Marriage is overrated.” – From I.N

Calm enough for me

Hello Dave,

I’d love to participate in your survey. If you would want us to be very honest with our responses, then I would say, I did not marry my wife because I ‘loved’ her. My mother always told us, ‘Loving a person can be learnt’, so at the back of my mind, I knew I could learn to love a wife at a point in my life. My wife is very calm and religious. She doesn’t cause me any trouble, and I needed that kind of woman in my life… Because I am a handful of work myself.

I’m very wild, promiscuous to a degree. I wanted a woman who was my direct opposite in character, so my kids could at least, have a balanced gene. I wanted a woman who also had the heart to forgive, because she has a lot of forgiveness’s to forgive me should my cup run over. We’ve been married for close to Seven (7) years, and it’s been good. I hope to change to someday, commit wholly to my wife. She’s a great woman, wife, and mother to my kids. Everyone loves her, and I like it like that.

I have learnt to love her, even fallen in love with her. And, I am doing everything possible not to disrespect her at home, because I am already doing that outside of our marriage. I hope to change for the better though.” – From A.A.S

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No particular reason

“I can’t seem to think of a reason. Seriously, I do not know why I married her. Lol!” – From W.Y

Body wagon

“I’m turned on by a certain kind of body. My wife has that, and I wanted to wake up next to that content all my life. I don’t love her. I just love the body. It excites me. So much I am doing with the whole package in my bedroom. The love of my life is another woman. She’s beautiful and keeps me in my right senses. These are the two women I am dealing with currently. They both present different recipes to the meal. I am very nourished and balanced.” – From G.C

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