5 ways to know your partner is cheating

5 ways to know your partner is cheating

Love relationship, be it marriage or courtship is a beautiful moment for both sexes especially when it is free of qualms and brawls.

But when the relationship come crushing, it tastes so bitter.

One cause of break ups is cheating, where your partner goes out to flirt with another person.

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5 ways to know your partner is cheating

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Here, YEN.com.gh brings to you five ways to know that your partner is cheating.

1. Lying

One most important sign that shows your partner is cheating is when he or she begins to tell lies especially when they never used to tell such lies.

When people are in love, they are often truthful but when they fall out, they begin to tell lies. Typical is when your partner is telling lies about his or her whereabouts.

Such petty lies should tell you that your partner is seeing someone else.

2. Changes in sex life

Making love and having sex is beautiful until your partner changes his or her sex life towards you.

When your partner begins to cheat, there is less or no more intimate connection in your relationship.

The cheating partner for the sake of getting intimate with someone else will feel less interested in having affair with you.

The bonding reduces, making your partner less interested in touching you or getting touched by you.

When such change begins to occur in your relationship, know that the probability of your partner cheating is high.

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3. Changes in habit

When your partner begins to cheat on you, you will realize some changes in his or her habit.

The way he or she takes care of you and shows concern over your plight reduces.

Telling you words like, "I love you" or "I care so much about you" seizes.

In cases that he or she continue to say those words, you will realize from their facial expression that they don't mean it.

Many of the positive habits that your partner used to exhibit ceases when they are cheating. Thus consider changes in habit when trying to know if your partner is cheating.

4. Avoidance

When your partner is cheating on you, he or she begins to avoid you for no special reason.

When two people are happily in love, they do not get tired of seeing one another.

Therefore when your partner begins to ignore you or when they do not feel comfortable with your presence, know that your partner is likely to be cheating on you.

5. They stop making long term plans with you

One sign to note as a red flag when your partner begins to cheat on you is that they stop discussing long term plans with you.

The best part of a relationship is when you and your partner keep a very long relationship.

While in love, long term plans are what generate excitement hoping that success will be achieved.

So when your partner stop discussing what the future should be for the both of you, know that he or she is cheating.

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