5 lessons Ghanaians must learn from Ebony's life

5 lessons Ghanaians must learn from Ebony's life

Today, February 8, 2019 marks exactly one year that musician Ebony Reigns, real name Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng passed on.

On February 8, 2018, Ghanaians woke up to news that the dancehall artiste had passed on with two others in a gory accident.

Ebony had gone to visit her mum in Sunyani and was returning to Accra when the car they were driving in collided with a VIP bus.

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Ebony together with her friend, Franklina Kuri and an army friend, Francis Vondee, died on the spot while the driver suffered severe injuries.

The 'Sponsor' hitmaker's death will go down in Ghana's history as one of the most shocking deaths since Ebony was at the peak of her career.

Till the day she died, every single song of Ebony was making waves.

As we remember Ebony today, YEN.com.gh brings to you five lessons Ghanaians must learn from Ebony's life.

1. Don't sleep where you fall

Ebony as a young girl had the greatest fall of her life. At SHS 2, she dropped out of the Methodist Girls Senior High School.

Even though many will become dejected after dropping out of school, Ebony chased her dreams.

As soon as she dropped out of school, Ebony took music serious and that was what made her successful.

The lesson in this is that even when you drop out of school or fail at something, try another opportunity or develop yourself in another way.

The most important aspect is when you don't have to beg someone for food.

Even though Ebony dropped out of school, she had money even more than some folks with higher educational qualifications just because she did not sleep where she fell.

2. Age is just a number

Ebony was just 19 years when she began living her dream. At such a young age, a lot of people are unable to do things on their own but Ebony did.

The young girl saw the opportunity and snatched it. Ebony worked hard to become a good musician and performer.

Ebony wowed everyone with her talent and within a year, her name became a household name in Ghana. Ebony was cashing in on her career by playing several shows in Ghana.

The lesson is that everyone can make it in life no matter their age.

Don't think you are too young to take on the world. With the right plan, go for gold like Ebony did.

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3. Allow good people to be part of your life

Ebony had one very important person in her life and that was her manager, Bullet.

Even though Ebony was the one singing the songs, she made greater success because of Bullet.

It was widely known that Bullet wrote most of Ebony's songs and consequently directed how they should be composed.

At the time Ebony was under Bullet's Ruff Town Records, some other record labels tried to poach her but she did not go.

Bullet had become like a brother to Ebony because he managed her well.

If Ebony had not allowed Bullet to manage her and felt pompous, she wouldn't have attained such success.

Even after her death, Bullet did his best to organize a befitting burial in her honour.

4. Work hard

In life, the key to success is working hard. Ebony couldn't have achieved what she achieved in that short span of time if not for hard work.

Just few months after she was ushered into the music industry, Ebony took over and became the topmost female artiste.

When Ebony was reigning, no other artiste had more air plays than she did.

It was out of hard work that the young lady attained that success.

Lesson learnt is that with hard work, no matter how short the time is, you can take over and make an impact.

5. Life is not forever

If someone had told Ebony that she was going to die just at a time when she was enjoying life, she wouldn't have believed.

No matter how far you reach or how high you go, no one can escape death.

With the mindset that life is not forever, everyone like Ebony must take steps to leave a good legacy.

There is no time to waste in life so any action anyone is taking now must be geared towards success.

Even after her death, Ebony's family is benefiting from the young lady's hard work.

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