Ghanaian shares tips on formal education; says students should be allowed to use phones in school

Ghanaian shares tips on formal education; says students should be allowed to use phones in school

A Ghanaian by name Godfather, has shared some tips on how Ghana should handle the fallouts from its formal education.

According to Godfather, Junior and Senior High School students should be allowed to use phones in school.

He said allowing students to use phone in school will help them learn more rather than get wayward like many assert.

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In a statement that Godfather wrote, the inspirational speaker said that students should be allowed to express their bad attitude so as to find solutions to them.

"There are lot of good things we use phone for and also bad things. Instead of the authorities or educational bodies allowing the students to use the phone and teach them how to use it positively, they rather cease them from using it at all in order to reduce their burden," Godfather wrote.

Godfather also wrote on wearing uniforms, saying "we all know that if students are allowed to wear their own cloth to school, most of them will wear something that is not acceptable."

"So if they claim to be training the children to be better people in the society in the future then they should allow them to wear what they want and teach and train them to wear what is decent and acceptable," he added.

He said no matter how decent students dress in school while wearing uniform, they tend to go back to their normal indecent dressing when they go home.

Godfather again slammed teachers for not taking students through the right way of making them become successful people in the future.

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"Unless the upbringing or moral attributes and character of the students are not part of their objectives or goal but if it is, then they are doing it wrong." he wrote.

"They should allow the students to bring bad characters to school and try anything possible to straighten or change them instead of letting or forcing them to leave about 75-85 percent of their stubbornness or bad and indecent behavior in the house for the parents to deal with" he explained.

Godfather in his statement noted that if teachers want to bring up students in the right manner, then they should tow the hard way.

"Turning the heart of man from bad behavior or changing someone's character is not easy, especially them being students or youths with lot of will and confidence and pride so taking the easy road will cause you to fail mercilessly," he noted.

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