Six excuses a cheating partner always makes in a relationship

Six excuses a cheating partner always makes in a relationship

As much as we would want to believe that all couples who are deeply in love with one another are destined for a life of happiness and bliss together, that isn’t always going the case, as some partners make excuse to cheat.

Temptations are everywhere and it really doesn’t take much to push people off the edge. has come up with some excuses that partners make all in the bid to cheat.

Six excuses a cheating partner always makes in a relationship
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1. Always staying late in the office to get work done

Maybe if your partner stays late for one or two times, then that shouldn’t be a cause for suspicion. But when it starts happening regularly, maybe you have to do some investigating. They might really be staying late to get some work done in another person's house. Just saying.

2. Always hanging out with colleagues after work

How many people really go and grab drinks every day after work together on a consistent basis? After a hard day's work all one needs is some good rest. It is rather suspicious if your partner almost always goes to grab drinks with colleagues. Be vigilant.

3. Feigning ignorance of consistent phone calls

Of course your partner knows when a particular number keeps calling or texting consistently. They just don’t want to tell you that there’s something fishy going on between the person calling or texting and you. Just don't feign ignorance of such calls, they already know.

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4. Claiming to always stay at the house of a trusted friend

When your partner claims to be spending the night in a particular friend's house, then there is a cause to worry. They probably spent the night in bed with someone else and they’re using their friend as an alibi.

5. Feigning ignorance of lipstick stain and constant smell of different perfumes

How else would another girl’s lipstick end up on their clothes? They don’t expect you to be this stupid, do they? Your girl is more than a CID officer. Stop claiming you don't know how the lipstick stain got on that shirt.

6. Meeting up with old friends

Knowing very well your partner might know all your old friends, people in relationships tend to use this line a lot. All in the name of meeting old friends, people cheat on the other person who has no dea of what is going on in the relationship.

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