4 solid reasons why men do not like to be with women richer than them

4 solid reasons why men do not like to be with women richer than them

The idea that men are raised up to be providers and women to be caretakers is something that goes beyond Ghanaian society.

This particular mindset with which young people are brought up influences the way they select a partner for life. Men then come across as people who need to have more material and economic means.

In Ghana, the occasions when a woman has more wealth or material means than her partner are very rare. This is mainly due to the fact men feel underwhelmed in such arrangements.

YEN.com.gh notes four reasons why it is hard for men to be in relationships where they are the poorer of the two.

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1. The obvious reason of how men are raised up

There is a psychological leftover from our childhood. Even when we become grown-ups who find our own identities, there is still something from our childhood that is there.

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Men do not feel right even if the woman does not really care about the money. Men struggle to come to terms with the fact that their female partners are the ones with more means.

2. Women actually prefer richer men

Studies in sociology over decades have shown that women actually prefer men who have more money. The interesting part is that rich women, on the average, prefer equally rich or richer men.

So if you are a man who knows of this research, you ask yourself, "Why bother?". You, as a man, are then forced to marry someone you have more means than.

3. Men do not like to be seen as social climbers

To be a social climber is not necessarily a bad thing, after all, moving up in social status is why people do honest work everyday.

But for some reason, social climbing though marriage or relationships are thought of as things only women do. That is how we have the term "gold-digger".

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4. Men fear their authority will be challenged

Imagine thinking all your life that you are going to be the head of a household. And then when you settle and start giving instructions, you cannot cash a cheque to match your words.

It will kill many men to give orders and yet ask their partners to pay for the big things.

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