New facts about Atta Mills death 2019

New facts about Atta Mills death 2019

Seven years down the line since the former president of Ghana, John Evans Atta Mills died; a new Pandora box to shocking news and causes of his death has been opened.

Atta Mills

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John Evans Atta Mills (21st July 1944 – 24th July 2012) was one of the respected politicians during his time as a president. He served Ghana as a president for three years before mysteriously dying in 2012. His death has been a subject for many years. The question, “Who and what killed Atta Mills?” still up to date continues to boggle the minds of Ghanaians who loved him.

Unfortunately, the more we continue digging deep into the matter, the more we are getting confused. No wonder up to now no one knows what caused the death of the former president. However, this is not the case especially after new facts about his death were revealed from his brother and Koku Anyidoho, the Director of Communications during Atta Mills’ presidency.

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Atta Mills was one of the loneliest presidents

Dr Cadman, the biological brother to Mills, on the beginning of February this year made some shocking revelation concerning the death of Atta Mills.

Speaking on StarFM, Cadman revealed that Mills was the ‘most’ loneliest president Ghana has ever had in the history. None of his ministers or people close to him frequently engaged in a conversation with him.

Oh my God, I would go to his quarters in the castle which was not fit for human beings to live in. I mean my God and he will be sitting in this chair very quietly,” Cadman revealed.

He added on and said that he would sometimes have to call people who he knew were friends to his brother beseeching them to visit the former president.

Dr Cadman went on and revealed that the president died of throat cancer. According to him, his brother’s condition worsened when cancer affected his eyes and ears. This hindered his eyesight and ability to hear well.

Atta Mills

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Atta Mills defied medical science for many years

It will be remembered that Mills trashed rumours that he was sick and about to die in 2011. He said that he was healthy and would do all it takes to see Ghana achieve her targets during his reign.

Well, Koki Anyadoho on Wednesday revealed that Atta Mills cheated death and defied medical science for many years.

He stated that when the former president’s health deteriorated, he was rushed to 37 Military Hospital where he was attended to by a Lead Physician and a Professor. When he went to visit him in the hospital, the two told him that as per his health, Mills should have died a long time ago.

They moved us into a room brought in a clinical psychologist to try and work on us because we were very down. Then the lead physician said, you people know the President was sick, and we said yes. And he said:"We have done everything possible, but he is no more,” Koki Anyadoho revealed.

Koki added on and said that he has and will never forget the last words the Lead Physician told him.

Allow him to go and rest; you people should allow him to go and rest because he defied medical science for eight years. Per his medical records, he should have died eight years ago, and if he is no more, you should allow him to go and rest,” Koki recalled what the physician told him.

This comes a week barely after Koki revealed on Asempa FM that has co-authored a book providing insights on what killed the politicians, his life journey and many more things. Speaking to the radio station, he said that he was forced to author the book to put to bed all the false accounts about the death of the late president.

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President John Evans Atta Mills will forever remain in the hearts of many Ghanaians. He was an illustrious president who saw Ghana economy move to the next level. During his time, the Cedi stood high against the US dollar.

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