Do all mining companies in Ghana work legally?

Do all mining companies in Ghana work legally?

Anas Aremeyaw on Wednesday shocked Ghanaians through a Facebook post. The journalist said that he would release a new investigative piece that will show all the mining companies in Ghana that work illegally.

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The award-winning journalist has so far unleashed many underworld secrets. His latest investigative piece was about corruption in the country and also Africa football. In the article, he showed how top officials use illegal ways to amass wealth from public resources.

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Announcing on his official Facebook page, Anus said that his new piece would focus on ‘galamsey’ (Illegal mining) in Ghana. He also said that the “Illegal deals on mining sites” report would be published in the NCG (New Crusading Guide) newspaper.

Be prepared to see the shocking realities on illegal mining. Anas Aremeyaw hits the ground together with the team,” he wrote on his Facebook Page.

Anas urged Ghanaians to purchase a copy of NCG newspaper so that they would read his piece as soon as editors publish it.

Coming soon…. Grab a copy of your authoritative New Crusading GUIDE and read about the men who stabbed the nation in the back. Get to read about the illegal deals on mining sites and details about how the men who are supposed to work in the interest of the President and Ghanaians, take the money and neglect their duties,” he added.

Illegal mining has been a significant issue that the government of Ghana has been facing since the last few years. This has sparked many campaigns from loyal citizens with the aim of cubing the adverse effects of illegal mining on water bodies, residential areas, and other lands.

The Ghanaian task force has been accused of taking bribes and letting people mine minerals illegally. Commanders from the force have been actively denying the accusations citing that the significant problems they face are leniency of Ghanaian courts to illegal miners and also its slow prosecution process.

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