A good matchmaker must observe these 4 do's and don't's

A good matchmaker must observe these 4 do's and don't's

Helping people find love is so important that, as the world's matchmaking industry shows, people are willing to pay billions so others can help them secure love relationships.

Long before the modern multi-billion industry of apps and discount offers on finding love, people simply talked to friends and family to help them hook up with a person of interest.

In Ghana, the matchmaker was and is still referred to as a "betweener". That is because this person is the go-between, the intermediary linking two people.

A betweener has to have a relationship with both people. They need to carry more than messages from one end to the other.

The task of the betweener is so rooted in Ghanaian social life that they make songs about it, as done by Kumi Guitar.

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Just like the musician YEN.com.gh gives some advice to those who have been chosen as matchmakers but do not know how to run the course.

1. Matchmaking is marketing

Dear betweener, you have to understand that when you are asked to play matchmaker, you have been asked to market one person to the other. You are not just carrying messages.

Sometimes, to sell something to someone, you would have to know what they need. When you do not know what they need, you will still have to find a way to present your "product" in a desirable manner.

2. Do not force the issue

Matchmaking may be about marketing but it is not the matchmaker's place to force the two people to like each other. Do not force two very different people to come together.

You can suggest where they may find something in common. But liking each other is their business.

3. Never make promises on their behalves

Sometimes, matchmakers become so excited with their role that they cannot afford to see things go dull and down. As such, they go ahead promising things that they think should happen.

Betweeners can, for example, promise a night together without even knowing the schedule of the man or woman on whose behalf they are planning. That is a very bad habit.

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4. Be prepared to be the one they come to in all things

When you are a matchmaker, you are the one the two people have in common. They will call you looking to understand the interests, motives and history of the person.

Before you say yes to matchmaking, be prepared to celebrate their happiness and mourn their loss. You should also be prepared to be blamed if things end badly, although it may not be your fault.

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