3 ways to get rid of NPP and NDC if Ghanaians really want to

3 ways to get rid of NPP and NDC if Ghanaians really want to

Ghana's two main political parties have controlled affairs since a return to democracy in 1992 but the similarity of the accusations both parties have hurled at each other has disgusted a good number of Ghanaians who could try a third party.

Yet, it should not be said lightly that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have cemented their spots in the minds and hearts of many Ghanaians.

Millions of people feel that their political party cannot be removed from their sense of identity. Regions, ethnic groups, communities and households feel allegiance to one of the two big political parties.

All of this strong and emotional attachments to the party are done without regard to the party's ideologies and whom they represent.

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But if there is a will, then there is a way. Ghanaians can get rid or at least, properly challenge the NPP and the NDC in these ways suggested by YEN.com.gh

1. Divide the country into rich and poor people

This sounds confusing but it really is not difficult. When political parties and governments misbehave, the poorer you are, the more likely you are to suffer.

Sure, sometimes big business people lose their business and properties but that does not happen often. And when rich people feel they have not been treated well by parties or governments, these rich people have the means to go to court.

If Ghanaians want to check the power of the NPP and NDC, we need to organise ourselves into groups that stand for economic concerns. Parties would then be forced to define what section of Ghanaians they represent.

2. Stop "spritualising" politics

The practice whereby politicians become public friends with religious leaders is a thing that is over 500 years old. Religion focuses on your emotions and emotions speak louder than common sense.

We speak of elected presidents and call them "God's anointed". We make it difficult for people to see past the religiosity thereby, making it almost impossible to critically think about politics.

Ghanaians need to ask themselves how many times they would allow themselves to be played by the NPP and NDC with religious tactics.

3. Force opinion leaders to be impartial

We cannot force people to be non-political. After all, anything that happens in a republic can be discussed as a matter of politics.

But when your labour union leaders in the teachers associations, the doctors associations, the accountants associations and the like all want to go to Parliament, you have a big problem.

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Those people who have political office ambitions use workers' organisations to just push their name and face out there. The NPP and NDC know this very well.

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