4 groups of people who don't have the 'freedom and justice' Ghana promised them

4 groups of people who don't have the 'freedom and justice' Ghana promised them

On March 6, 2019, Ghana will turn 62 as an independent country yet the nation's motto of "Freedom and Justice" is not a condition that is enjoyed by many Ghanaians, unfortunately.

For some reasons, some sections of Ghanaians have been denied their fair chance at enjoying the promise of freedom and justice. Ghana has chosen to overlook these people because it has become convenient to do so.

Governments gone buy have failed to take care of the country's vulnerable. And they have no means to seek justice.

Freedom is the result of being allowed space and time to do what you can. Justice is the condition of giving people what is fair to them.

There are four groups of Ghanaians who have been identified by YEN.com.gh as having missed out on the 'freedom and justice' Kwame Nkrumah promised.

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1. Disabled people

The most recent attempt at helping disabled people was the Disability Act passed in 2006. But as with most laws in Ghana, the enforcement of this act has not gone according to plan.

Employers are still discriminating against disabled people and contractors are still putting up buildings with no regard for disabled people.

2. Rural folk

The bunch of Ghana's foods and cash crops come from the countryside. However, decades have seen governmental neglect of cocoa to plantain farmers.

The opinion that hard work is rewarded with success is not true for rural Ghanaians. They are the most hardworking of us all yet have close to little to show for their efforts.

3. Children

Ghana is a conservative country. Although freedom of speech is enjoyed by most people, we are still the nation that feels children should be seen but not heard.

As a result of this attitude, we have denied many of our kids the chance to grow in a healthy environment.

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4. Women

Women, who are the majority of Ghana's population, are still fighting unprogressively to gain a fair chance at self-management. Men overwhelmingly dominate the areas of economic opportunities, for instance.

No law stops women from achieving success. But governments have been well-aware of cultural problems, they have done little to help the matter.

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Source: YEN.com.gh

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