5 things Ghana has not been able to achieve long after attaining independence 62 years ago

5 things Ghana has not been able to achieve long after attaining independence 62 years ago

Independence day celebrations come with a lot of nostalgic feelings on how the country attained liberation from its colonial masters.

In Ghana, it is the time for leaders of the country to reflect on their achievements within their tenure of office.

YEN.com.gh has however come up with a list of things the country has not being able to achieve after 62 years of attaining freedom.

X things Ghana has not been able to achieve long after attaining independence 62 years ago
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1. Corruption-free systems

Different schools of thought have it that the very thing killing Ghana is the systems and structures that seem to thrive on the bedrock of corruption. Ghana, 62 years on, is still struggling with how to fight corruption. Despite Akufo-Addo's fight to end corruption, some members of his government are trying as much as they can to foil the president's plan of a corruption-free system.

2. Economic independence

Per the very definition of independence, we are supposed to be very self-reliant as an independent body. After 62 years of achieving political liberation from our slave masters, we have not been able to achieve the one important thing necessary for self-reliance of the country; economic independence. Almost always, government is heard going to one country or the other for financial help. This does not put the country in a good position as we tend to become industrial and economic slaves to our lenders.

3. Proper healthcare delivery

Some communities in Ghana still find it difficult accessing basic healthcare facilities. It is no fault of theirs that they live in very remote areas but rather the fault of the government and authorities involved who have failed them in terms of distributing the national cake equally.

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4. Confident security systems

The security systems in the country do not have the confidence of the very people they are tasked to protect. In recent times, the police have always been in the bad books of the public. To make matters worse, most Ghanaians believe the police service is not existent to protect their interest, but rather the interest of those in government. 62 years on, there needs to be a positive chance in our security systems.

5. Immotorable roads

62 years after independence, some communities are still hard to reach. Because of the poor nature of the roads that lead to some communities, getting a share of the national cake is quite a problem. Successive governments have tried in their own minute ways of contributing their quota to ensuring that these roads are fixed. But as the saying goes, their best is not enough. There should be a positive change in the coming years.

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