Poor people usually make bad decisions: 4 scientific reasons why this happens

Poor people usually make bad decisions: 4 scientific reasons why this happens

The truth cannot be hidden that it is usually poor people who make bad economic, social and health-related decisions but the reasons why this is the case is another topic most people do not know about.

We have grown up to believe that rich people are more intelligent and as such, most things they do flourish. It is therefore difficult to find criticisms of the rich getting richer.

On the other hand, we know so many poor people who constantly take decisions that go against their self-interest. For instance, they have a lot of children and forsake family planning.

Research has been going on for years among psychologists and economists on the character traits and abilities that make people rich or poor.

Much of the findings support the fact that it is not that rich people are more intelligent or that poor people are stupid. Poverty, however, works in mysterious ways.

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1. Lack of money makes long-term planning difficult

According to researchers, poor people are more likely to spend the little they have on short-term plans basically because there is no hope of a better tomorrow.

Yes, they could save some money. But the idea of having to put away money for so long while there are present concerns, is a mental challenge that poor people are likely to lose.

2. Poor people are not well-informed

Education and information make the man. Access to relevant knowledge for decision-making means that people are in a place to take steps that suit their self-interest.

But education and information come at costs to our pockets and our time. Poor people usually cannot afford education and may be too busy looking for ways to stay alive than to seek knowledge.

3. Survival mode impairs your vision

Imagine you want to use your laptop without the battery charger. You are forced to enlongate battery time by turning down screen brightness and Wi-Fi access, for example.

Turning down screen brightness and Wi-Fi access is a bit like what poverty forces you to do. You are already in survival mode and therefore, what screen brightness and Wi-Fi guarantee, you cannot have.

Poverty reinforces itself because you do not have what it takes to get out of it.

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4. Poor people usually think it is their fate or destiny

In Ruby Payne's "A Framework for Understanding Poverty", she notes that most poor people actually believe in things like destiny but richer people usually do not.

Poor people therefore are more likely to turn to religion or spirituality for comfort and maybe, a breakthrough. The decisions they make from this angle turn to hurt their self-interest.

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