13 top jobs that will help start your career

13 top jobs that will help start your career

It is the joy of every fresh university graduate to get a good job immediately after completing their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme. Some are lucky to get good and high paying jobs through one connection or another while others are not that lucky.

13 top jobs that will help start your career
13 top jobs that will help start your career
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As a graduate without much experience, you’ll probably have to take an entry-level job but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in that position forever. Even if you’re start from the least paying jobs, you have the opportunity of working your way up if you’re able to prove your work ethics.

While trying to make up your mind on what entry job you will love to begin your career with, Yen.com.gh brings you 13 top jobs that will help start your career:

1. Marketing: Helps carry out tasks associated with determining demand for products and services, and identifying potential customers.

2. Education and Research: Dedicated teachers, researchers, and social workers will always be in demand.

3. Healthcare: Works as part of a medical team to assess patients, administer care to patients, and maintain medical records.

4. Human Resource Assistant: Work as part of the human resources team, assisting with payroll, job descriptions, and legal issues.

5. Communications: With the cultivation and rise of a voracious Internet readership, the outlook for entry-level candidates skilled in writing, editing, and graphic design has never been so strong

6. Accounting: From making stock and bond investment recommendations to helping clients set retirement goals, you could be the go-to gal or guy for money matters. Being an accountant is not only about filing taxes: Auditing, financial reporting, and compliance audits all fall under the accounting umbrella.

7. IT Expert/Graphic Designer: Designs and creates graphics for advertisements, logos, packaging, etc. for organizations and media. Also as an Information Technology (IT) expert, you get to be a computer engineer/programmer, database analyst, web designer amongst others.

8. Interior Designing: Here you get help people redesign their homes and offices. This service is not free but gets paid for.

9. Agriculture: Farming is fast becoming the new trend for youths. You can begin a profitable career by planting, harvesting and selling food stuffs.

10. Flight Attendant: You don’t have to be a pilot to work in a plane. Here, you can be a flight attendant (air hostess) and it’s a good way to begin a professional career.

11. Hotelier: Some people under this category are lucky to have enough money to own/build a hotel without having to work for anyone while those who were born with a silver spoon handle other domestic and administrative work carried out in a hotel.

12. Caterer: This comes in handy because you necessarily do not have to own a shop to make this happen. You can start cooking at the convenience of your home and deliver to offices before earning enough money to open a restaurant.

13. Public Relations Assistant: All you have to do here is to Promotes groups, individuals, and companies by writing, selecting, and releasing publicity material.

13 top jobs that will help start your career
13 top jobs that will help start your career
Source: UGC

NOTE: Whatever job you choose as your first career, be prepared!

Source: YEN.com.gh

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