Statue of white angel over black devil makes Ghanaians uncomfortable and angry

Statue of white angel over black devil makes Ghanaians uncomfortable and angry

The siting of a biblically-inspired sculpture in the grotto of a Catholic church in Ghana has caused some section of the public to react angrily, with some calling it racist.

A statue put up by the Tepa Roman Catholic Church in their grotto has caused some Ghanaians to take to social media to express their disgust and anger because of the colours of the skins of the characters in the statue.

The statue sees a white-skinned angel standing triumphantly over a dark-skinned devil with a sword in the angel's hand.

To any observer familiar with Christian symbolism is speaks of the victory God and God's people have over the devil.

But of course, the representation of who is the "good guy" and who is the "bad guy" has proven problematic.

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Some people see the statue and they are reminded of symbols of white purity and black inferiority that are used and still being used to perpetrate some of history's worst crimes.

Ghanaians on social media strongly condemned the statue as racist, giving credence to the white supremacist ideology since its photo was posted on Facebook on Monday, March 25, 2019.

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Some people criticised the statue in the strongest terms.

But others still felt it was a harmless representation of belief.

The debate is not going to be exhausted on social media. In fact, the topic of the glorification of whiteness and the damnation of blackness was going on long before social media.

However one person feels about the topic, it has the tendency to shape the way a generation will identify themselves.

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