6 financial perks of being the President of Ghana

6 financial perks of being the President of Ghana

Being a president comes with many perks and privileges, no matter how rich or poor the country you are leading is.

As the first gentleman of every country, one commands a lot of respect and constantly enjoys certain entitlements.

This is no different when it comes to the President of Ghana. Aside from the lucrative salary that comes with it, there are a lot more benefits that you may not have known.

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Below are six perks of being the president of Ghana:

1.    On-hand cooks and housekeepers

The life of a president can sometimes be hectic but one of the benefits is that the president and his family never have to worry about food.

The first family of the land always has on-hand cooks and housekeepers to do the chores, with the government taking care of all the cost.

There are many staff at the Jubilee House who offer these services to the president and his family.

2.    Protection at all times

There is no man in Ghana with better protection than the president. Being the first gentleman of the land means you have every security personnel at your disposal.

The police, army and any other state security always protect the president both when he is in office and even when he is out of office.

3.    A fleet of armoured cars

Aside from having the police and army for protection, being the president of Ghana also means that one will have a fleet of armoured cars.

The president travels in bullet-proof cars to ensure that even if his security is breached, no weapon can easily get to him.

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4.    Health Insurance

Another benefit one enjoys as president is the world-class healthcare you will receive in times when needed.

The current and ex-presidents of Ghana have a lifetime health insurance which covers demands that the state covers any expense when they are not well.

5.    A pretty pension

The president of Ghana is not the richest man in the country, but he is definitely paid very well.

In addition to that, he will continue to be paid even when he is out of office. That makes for a pretty pension which no other job can guarantee.

6.    A state funeral

Death is never a good thing, but the best that can be done for a deceased person is to give him or her a befitting burial.

For presidents (and ex-presidents), though, they always have the privilege of getting state funerals and burials.

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