Ghanaians discuss who gossips more between men and women

Ghanaians discuss who gossips more between men and women hit the streets of East Legon in Accra to ask some members of the public what they made of the nature and volume of gossiping between men and women.

There has always been an ongoing debate about which gender, between men and women, gossip the most, and so took to the streets of East Legon to ask Ghanaians what they made of the issue.

Gossiping, in many cultures, is frowned upon. But social psychologists say that many people use it as a bonding tool.

It would seem this bonding process is not limited to a gender. And as our respondents showed, both men and women are capable of very extreme gossiping.

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The first of our respondents, a young woman quipped:"Men are the biggest gossips. If you pass by a man [who likes to gossip], they can say a thing or two that may even send you to the ground.

One man gossiped about me and when I heard of him speaking, I was confused about how to walk".

But another woman contrasted the above opinion, saying women were the bigger gossips. She said: "Immediately women meet up, there is an issue of a third person."

When asked if she was one of these women, she responded: "No. It is not all of us."

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The male respondents had equally intriguing positions. One said:"It is true that men gossip. But with men, there has to be a group of them. Not two men. A group. And men are not used to telling each other all of the rumours.

It is different with women. Just two women can talk about all the rumours about a person".

Another man rejected the idea that men gossip at all. He said: "When men meet, we talk about about sports or ourselves."

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The debate will go on. But as far as human society exists, we will never see the end of gossips and gossiping.

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